Vagueitivity. I Don’t Like It Either.

A Vague Post With Mystery, In An Uninteresting Way.

I hate it when someone speaks in a way that I’m supposed to find meaning in. Especially when it’s something like, “Those who REALLY know me would know.”. It’s sophomoric bullshit that the world doesn’t have time for.

Well here’s some of that for you anyhow. Let me explain.

Coffee cup and an exit sign.
Wake Up Call And An Exit

It’s important to write often if you’re going to do it at all. It’s important to photograph often, if you’re going to do it all. So I went through my camera cards and this is the only photo that wasn’t trash. To me, it has meaning.

I woke up one morning(hence the coffee) and I made an exit. The exit is the part I’m not talking much about. I’m not talking about it because in order to pursue a goal, I’ve found it unproductive to discuss said goal. I read that a study proved that talking about a goal produced an effect on your psyche that it was already done. This causes you to abandon that goal.

I will say that I made major changes. I’m pursuing more artistic endeavors. Challenges lie ahead.  It’s going to be interesting.

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