The Road To Chandlersville

Road To Chandlersville

Ohio State Route 146 out of Zanesville led me to this abandoned home. The rot was beginning and nature was staking it’s claim on this property.

Chandlersville, Ohio Home
Abandoned Chandlersville Home

I’m sure it’s just coincidence, but this is the last photo posted before a series of technological and social breakdowns of people and equipment. As I sit looking back at what’s occurred since I posted this photo, I have to wonder how things work though. Are there curses?

If there are curses, they don’t last. You work around them. If a drug-addled madman effects lives and livelihoods, you work around that. If your camera or computer breaks, you work around that until a solution happens. Resorting to other resources that are unfamiliar can be educational and exhilarating.

Still, like looking at this home, when you look at the events, wondering what the hell happened is understandable. This was a home that was ones somebody’s place of refuge. What happened?

I’ve got a block of material on hard drives that is just going to sit there for a while. I’m not sure I want to get back into them just yet.