The Resolve For More Outdoors

The Resolve For More Outdoors

I could go on about the benefits and scientific findings concerning how humans need to be outdoors. You could Google that yourself and waste time finding those results. Just going outside for a walk is a better test of the the theory.

Autumn trail covered with leaves.
Autumn trail.

I was reading this article on nature and your health and it was interesting to find that even the science community agrees with this notion. They even took note of the spiritual aspect of being in natural surroundings. That’s significant when science takes notes of spirituality and a mainstream news publication publishes the finding. I’m taking note at how glaringly obvious the spiritual aspect of being in nature must be for these 2 communities to notice.

Knowing that being outdoors is important to your well-being and actually going outside is difficult. Why is it that if you’re sick or unhappy, you’re often told to rest indoors? Probably bad advice.

I’m making the resolve to get outside more. I think this is a part of my draw for motorcycles and photography. They’re just methods to get out where I belong.