The Reason I Quit Motovlogging.

I quit motovlogging before I even got started. I never could come up with a system that was hassle-free enough to work and the content that I created really wasn’t that good.

Walterific is one that I watch and enjoy occasionally. He’s geared towards a younger crowd, but I always found his videos to be about as good as you can get on a bike. I often wondered how he did all the things he did while riding without a problem. The answer was that that he couldn’t. It caught up with him eventually.

Walter seems like a great guy and I’m sure he’ll find a way to motovlog . Actually, it happened while he was changing a song on his radio and not while motovlogging, but for me, motovlogging had the same problem. There were little distractions that had to take place to do it. Distractions on motorcycles(or any vehicle), just aren’t worth it.

I am thinking about trying to use what I learned creating videos to do other types of videos, but it is much more difficult to come up with content worth recording than you would think. It’s a talent and a skill like photography or anything else.


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