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The Forsythia Bloomed Earlier This Week

Forsythia blooming.
Forsythia bloomed March 1st this year.

The Forsythia Bloomed This Week

The wives tale I’ve heard is that there are 3 more snows after the forsythia blooms and a signal to the end of winter. It’s usually close to correct.

No matter the accuracy, it’s always a welcome alarm that it will not be long until we can get the motorcycles out.

If you don’t have a forsythia bush, I suggest getting one. Just find a neighbor and ask for some clippings. Dip them in root starter and stick them in the ground. It’s that simple and cheap.


Ohio Winters. You Never Know What Will Happen.

Ohio’s Changing Winter Weather

Back road home in snow.
The backroad home in snow.

This photo was taken last week. The temperatures rose to over 50 since this photo. It’s been a fun winter to find photos. You never know what you’re going to be looking for.

I found this scene with the huge tree and blowing snow perfect for the mood last week. With mid-February approaching, I expect some more harsh cold.

Cold Ohio January Snow

Cold January Snow

The inevitable has happened. It’s January 5th, it’s 23 degrees, it’s snowing. No surprise, just bewildering.

By the time this posts, It will be later in the month and probably colder.

Snow covered windshield.
My snow covered windshield.

A Cold January Day

How To Get Through It

When friends come from warmer climates, they often ask, “How the hell do you live like this?”. In Ohio, that’s the easier answer is to just wait it out. It never seems to be that long until the weather reverts to something that isn’t painful.

As I age, I get more wisdom on these matters. Have projects. Keeping your mind busy is important. Writing, computer work, editing photos, and other indoor hobbies work.

Cabin fever is going to happen no matter what. For that, toughen up. Go outside. Walk and take photos. Go see a friend. Go have a beer. Forget that it’s miserable for a little while and just go. I have to do go out more than others.

Enjoy the atmosphere too. Snow deadens sound, so enjoy the quiet. The light is different. The speed of everything is slower. It’s a magical thing that just weather can change your world like this.

Granville, Ohio In Snow

Tonight I went for a little ride during a “level 1 snow emergency”. Yes, that’s what they call it when you can still drive without problems, very few accidents on the road, and only spotty power outages. I’m not sure how the fit “emergency” into that equation, but I do know it drives milk and bread sales.

To me, a level 1 snow emergency meant to grab my camera. It was so beautiful out.

This photo is of the historic Granville Inn.

The Granville Inn.
The historic Granville Inn.

I’m not a medical person by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to wonder if they may be misdiagnosing Seasonal Affective Disorder to some degree. From my observations, depression and anxiety greatly increases in people around me with the bullshit calls to weather alerts that are nothing to be alarmed about. They provide no reassurance that very few people will die from a few inches of snow and that if you take the time to venture out into it, you’ll experience a beautiful world that you haven’t seen for quite a few months.

December 9th, 2016. My First Day Of Winter.

Cold temperatures on December 9th.
December 9th, 2016. Cold!

The official first day of winter is December 21st. I’m not a weather purist(or much of any type of purist for that matter) though, so the first day for me is when it’s damn cold and there’s enough snow to turn the ground white and stay for a while. In Ohio, often predicting that day is a difficult thing. You may even have that day, multiple times. For me though, I make the transition to winter on that first day.

What this means for me is a consistent change in plans. Outdoor activities are a little more limited. The motorcycles get some attention in the garage. Some indoor projects get started. A new resolution might get some early traction. Yes, a few years, I’ve actually came through with my New Year resolution. This year, I quit smoking, so it’s a big one.

So if I quit smoking this year, anyone who’s quit can probably already knows exactly what the resolution for this year will be. I don’t even want to talk about it. I’ll just do it.

Snow plow driving in the first snow of the year in Ohio.
Snow plows are coming out.

As for my photography, bring the snow on! I’m always ready for it. It’s like nature’s Photoshop filter. Everything looks different and it’s a new challenge every year. I can’t wait. It’s one of the things I do to keep the winter from dragging my spirits down.

Rural Winter Beauty

This photo is one of my top favorites for the Winter of 2016.

Old barn leaning from weather and age.
An old barn leaning from age and weather at a Knox County, Ohio farm.

I’ve spotted it while driving by many times before, but the snow and the evening sky made it perfect. I had my wife watch for traffic coming behind us, grabbed the camera and shot  out the drivers window.

It was exciting to see the capture come to life as I opened it in Photoshop and began to manipulate it into what my mind seen.


One of the joys of photography is that you notice the world around you in a different way. You see details you never noticed before. You anticipate things happening before they do. This week, I came up with a few photos of things I noticed converging.

The first I found humor in.

Factory smoke makes a clock appear to be on fire.
Burning time.

The factory smoke about a 1/2 mile away makes the clock appear to be smoking. Photos like this are one of the reasons I carry a superzoom camera. Cameras like the Canon SX50 are a budget solution for massive and expensive telephoto lenses for my DSLR.

The next is the convergence of transportation and communication.

Trucks, cars, rail, airplanes, cell phones, and telephones converge.
Transportation and communication converge.

Foot tracks, rail tracks, trucks, cars, aging telephone poles, a cell phone tower, and a jet’s contrail cloud converge into one busy photographic scene.

The easy winter weather we were having in Ohio turned very cold this week. That cold made me slow down a little as I went out looking for scenes like these.

2016 Winter. Easy In Ohio So Far.

Here it is January 10th, 2016 and what appears to be the first real winter weather of the year appears.

This photo was taken on a hike at Dawes Arboretum near Newark, Ohio today.

January 2016 Dawes Arboretum Photo
Lake At Dawes Arboretum In January.

Last year I tried a 365 project that failed. It failed in the idea that I did not produce 1 photo a day for 365 days. It succeeded in showing me that you need to take at least one photo a day to improve. Many of those photos will be bad, but some will be great. You need that frequency to lead you to the great shots. The failures are the practice that lead you to the great photos.

This year, I’m just trying to improve and post the best photos I get as they come. The goal is just improvement.