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Putnam Historic District. A New Photo Challenge For Me.

Putnam Historic District is one of the oldest settlements in Ohio. I just never paid attention to this part of Zanesville, Ohio before. Now that I’ve found it, I will be back with the camera frequently.

Age brings interesting textures, colors, and shapes that only time can make happen. In this section of an old painted brick building, the windows are not square, the paint peeling from the bricks with this blue color is unique, and the makeshift metal work would never happen in any other way other than a make-do repair.

Blue brick building in Zanesville, Ohio.
Old blue brick building on Muskingum Avenue in Zanesville, Ohio.

There are streets full of interesting old houses too. Many are in need of serious repair.

Putnam Historic District home.
Interesting old house in the Putnam Historic District Of Zanesville, Ohio.

Same with the houses as the blue brick building; nothing is square. Everything in a structure collapses at a different rate depending on so many different variables. It’s interesting. There is always the hope that somebody will save the old building.

I discovered there is an effort to revive the area with arts and entertainment. This is common in the historic areas of Ohio. It’s a heroic effort, but a gamble. The results of the efforts vary depending on public support and much of that support is forced by government grants with complex strings attached.

I’ll be back for more exploration of the area.

The Elbow Lounge In Newark, Ohio

The Elbow Is Now A Health Hazard In Downtown Newark, Ohio

I was never in it. I hear that the city isn’t missing much with it gone. All that matters now is that it’s a health hazard. Bricks are falling off of it and it’s a temptation for a break-ins and the usual problems that come with abandoned buildings.

Back of The Elbow Lounge in Newark, Ohio.
The back of The Elbow Lounge in Newark, Ohio.

According to an old newspaper article I found, the county bought the property quite a while back. Still, other than the added fence around it, not much has been done with it.

The ghost advertising shows that it was once called The Kern Hotel.

Day 84 365 Project

Abandoned house on Buena Vista Street in Newark, Ohio.
Interesting abandoned house on Buena Vista Street in Newark, Ohio.

I’ve always found this house interesting when passing it. There are always very large boats on the property. Now it’s abandoned and the mystery of the place continues with tarps draped over it.

I didn’t want to trespass so I only took a street view of the house.