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German News Website Der Speigel Snags A Photo Of Mine

I took this photo for pure entertainment. I found the oddball truck to be humorous with it’s huge semi-stacks that do pretty much nothing for the performance of the truck. The German website Der Speigel had a writer that decided to take another slant on it.

Chevy dualie truck with giant exhaust stacks.

The first thing they did was to use the photo without following the licensing. No, I’m not going to pursue them over it, that would be silly. I would actually like to thank them for the attention my photos got and for exposing them for the typical modern media that they are.

The best I got from the translation of the article was that the writer wanted to point out that Americans typically drive this type of vehicle just to thumb their nose at environmentalists. It’s humorous, but of course, bullshit. It showed me that the German media has the same lack of integrity that the American media has.

Here is a screen shot from their article about how Americans abuse the environment with large vehicles.

Spiegel Clip Of My Photo


Notice they edited out all of the smaller vehicles around the truck so that the reality of normal sized vehicles surrounding the truck wasn’t noticed? It’s a small thing really, but it demonstrates their constant lack of integrity. If they do this for small articles, it’s only common sense that the really big articles are doing it too.

This type of journalism is commonplace in the western world now. We cannot believe anything that major puts out to us.

Another important point to take away from this is that when you argue with Liberals and Europeans about issues, this type of journalism is what you’re up against. This is the type of journalism that they consume all of the time. They believe they know the issues because they’ve seen and heard it from sources they trust. These sources cannot even write about environmentalism with integrity.