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The Mighty Mac Adventure

Motorcycle Ride Across The Mighty Mac
Riding my motorcycle across the Mighty Mac bridge in upper Michigan

“One of the things that makes motorcycling so great is that it never fails to give you a feeling of freedom and adventure.” – Steve McQueen.

I took this picture from my 2006 Honda Shadow while crossing the Mackinac Bridge.  The trip was one of my more memorable solo trips. I felt the need to prove to others that I did it, so I pulled out my camera while battling the wind and snapped the shot.

I’ve been blessed to not have a fear of adventure or a need for over-planning. Yes, that’s bit me in the ass a few times, but it’s a small price to pay for the good times. Others, well, they take life a little more carefully.

A co-worker wanted to take this trip with me, but he wanted an in-depth travel itinerary. I remember telling him, “You get on 23 north and follow it to the damn bridge. I don’t need an itinerary.”. That upset him and and there was a chance of rain, so he pulled out of the trip at the last minute. I’d already signed for the vacation, so I went alone.

Even though I got a little soaked and nearly ran out of gas because I didn’t realize just how vast the Upper Michigan wilderness was, the trip was extraordinary. I learned that if you’re going to have adventures, weather forecasts and travel itineraries are unnecessary luxuries that can actually hinder your trip.

Mighty Mac bridge in Upper Michigan
“Mighty Mac” Bridge to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

There are just different types of people too. Some need that planning and safety to go anywhere, others don’t. Never let them weigh you down to a point that you don’t go just because they can’t.

This is someone else’s video of their ride across. It’s pretty much how I remember it. At about the 3:15 mark, they hit the metal grating. It’s quite an experience to hit that when you’re so high in the air as your bike wobbles around.

I’ve wanted to go back up for a long time, but there have been so many other adventures to try. Maybe soon.