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The 2017 Solar Eclipse From Newark, Ohio

Newark, Ohio Solar Eclipse

It started with some cloud cover that soon cleared.

Clouds with 2017 solar eclipse in Newark, Ohio.
The 2017 Solar Eclipse from Newark, Ohio. Some cloud cover.

And a clear shot came to view.

The 2017 Solar Eclipse through a #10 welding glass.
Clear shot of the 2017 Solar Eclipse through a #10 welding glass.

I shot this photo using  a Canon T5i , 55-250mm Canon lens, and a #10 Welding Glass.

What Was The Solar Eclipse Like?

This isn’t a post for reader today. It’s a post for many years down the road when I’m contemplating viewing the next solar eclipse.

The eclipse was interesting. That’s about it really. It’s alarming to know that we’re on a big rock spinning through space. It’s alarming to know that there is a degree of precision in the celestial objects that allows for an eclipse to happen – predictably.

When I see something like this, it makes me very aware that there is a creator. The precision of the size of the sun and moon in distance and size is perfect. The timing is perfect. We can tell exactly where and when the next one will be 7 years from now. It’s watch-like precision, only on a galactic scale. A large group of people would have us ignore that and tell us that these wonders all just happened by chance.

Solar eclipse without a zoom lens and only welding glass.
Shot with a 24mm pancake lens through #10 welding glass.

Alarm Bells

My photography hobby has taken to the streets more. In the process I’ve started to notice the details of the city in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Normal people don’t really examine the details of what is happening in a city.

I’d like to do some street photography, but it’s good to have people available for that. There are very few people on Newark’s streets compared to big cities. The ones that are there aren’t just out enjoying the area either. They are there to get something done and get out.

Man walking in an alley.
Man walking in an alley.

I won’t give the full story on this guy because I was about 3 blocks away to take this photo and I can’t prove my suspicions, but I’ll be watching this area a little closer with a camera. My instincts tell me he was up to no good.  I still liked the look of the photo though.