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Newark, Ohio Courthouse Construction Project

The Courthouse Construction Rumors

Newark, Ohio doesn’t have a hometown newspaper anymore. The paper is now a national conglomerate with an obvious agenda many years ago. We’re left to our own imaginations and rumors about what is happening in Licking County, Ohio.

Licking County, Ohio Courthouse construction.
A dumpster is pulled by a crane to the the top of The Licking County Courthouse.
A covering of plastic, sort of like a courthouse condom, is in place now. Workers appear from underneath to take out the trash. The crane lifts a dumpster to the workers like i the photo above.
I’ve heard rumors from $1 million to $10 million for a restoration of the courthouse. The county is claiming a need for a new courthouse designed for modern operation.
It is encouraging to see that the town’s focal point is being restored. With so many funds originating from the federal government, what is the need? The decisions are being made somewhere else anyhow.
I’ll keep watching the progress and see what type of town the quiet planners are giving us. It should be interesting.

Preferences. Red, White, Or Blue.

Red, white, and blue trucks.
Red truck with red trim and the blue truck with the blue trim house.

Color preferences in small town America. Red, white, or blue.

This scene caught my eye when I noticed the trim of the houses matched the pickup trucks out front. It was taken in Murray City, Ohio, a nice little town with a great American Legion that’s well worth a visit.

Day 15 365 Project

Triangle Bar sign in Newark, Ohio.
Antique sign for the Triangle Bar in Newark, Ohio

Tonight was a fun night. See the guy poking his head around the corner? He had a problem with me taking a photo of the sign and wanted to argue about it. I left when he told me to wait right there because he’d be back. LOL.

Street photography intrigues me because of this idea. There’s no law against taking photos in the street. It’s 100% legal, but maybe not safe. What’s fun that’s safe anyhow?

Spring Is Here And I’m Ready For More Photography.

I tried to brave the cold this winter and work on my photography hobby regardless of the weather, but Winter just sucks after a while. If I’m not enjoying it, why do it? I managed some, but the majority of my time for photography was spent learning more about the craft through books, websites, and tutorials.

I’m hooked on trying street photography now. There’s disputable definitions for what street photography is, so in my opinion, it’s whatever I want it to be. The description for me is wandering around and taking photos of whatever is interesting. I like the definition of “people on the street in that are not posed”. I think that is more of a style though than an entire genre of photography and I’m not ready to intrude into people’s lives like that yet. If I were taking photos like that, I’d want them to be good enough for people to appreciate my intrusion. I would like to change my outlook by improving my skills to that level though.

As I work towards photos of people on the streets, I’m starting where the people are not identifiable or those that probably wouldn’t mind. This lady was walking around taking photos of others and scenes and she was attractive with bright green hair. I don’t think she was to shy for a photo.

Lady with bright green hair.
A lady with green hair.

This gentleman was walking in Newark, Ohio on a sunny Spring day with an umbrella. Springtime in Ohio calls for carrying rain gear all of the time, because you never really know when you’ll need it. I noticed the shapes of the windows in the brick wall and was waiting for anyone to wonder into the scene to make it more interesting. 

Man walking in sunshine with umbrella.
Man walking with umbrella.

This photo is through a railroad bridge. Men working and a person walking in deep thought drew my interest and the bridge made a natural frame for the scene.

Men working and a person walking in thought.
A scene of life in progress as viewed from under a railroad bridge.

Alarm Bells

My photography hobby has taken to the streets more. In the process I’ve started to notice the details of the city in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Normal people don’t really examine the details of what is happening in a city.

I’d like to do some street photography, but it’s good to have people available for that. There are very few people on Newark’s streets compared to big cities. The ones that are there aren’t just out enjoying the area either. They are there to get something done and get out.

Man walking in an alley.
Man walking in an alley.

I won’t give the full story on this guy because I was about 3 blocks away to take this photo and I can’t prove my suspicions, but I’ll be watching this area a little closer with a camera. My instincts tell me he was up to no good.  I still liked the look of the photo though.

Pondering Before Spring

2 guys pondering things while watching a river.
Pondering while watching a river.

There’s a little park with a spillway close to my house that really isn’t much to see, but it’s nice to watch the water go over and during a winter thaw, the roar of the water drowns your troubles and cares away for a little while.

I don’t know what these 2 guys were pondering on the other side of the spillway, but as I was pondering, I noticed they were too. I kind of wished I had a pipe as it appeared to make the task more interesting.

I was pondering what to do with the upcoming Spring and how to get through what’s left of Winter.  I spent the better part of the Winter using my free time to study photography like  mad. I spent an inordinate amount of time learning some Photoshop techniques. I think it was a good investment of time because with my new skills, I can get more use out of the cameras I have.  Motorcycle season is coming up and less money spent on cameras leaves more for gas money to go explore.

I also spent a lot of time studying street photography. There’s a lot of argument in that genre of photography as to what  “street” photography even really is. I’m just a novice, so from my perspective, it’s just photographers that take a massive number of snapshots of their life as it unfolds before their camera. Out of those thousands of photos, some great photos emerge. That’s not to say that the thousands that don’t make the cut aren’t worth something. These photographers use each mistake to get closer and closer to the great shots. That style of photography suits me fine and I’m going to try more of it.

I’m giving up the dream of a really high end camera too. What a waste for what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m never going to be a professional. I’ve learned what professionals have to do to make a meager living and I’m not looking to turn a fine hobby into a job anyhow. The world has enough people trying to be professional photographers and judging by demand and salary, they need computer programmers more. I’ll leave the professional equipment for the professionals.

I’ll stick with a bridge camera. They don’t do everything well, but they do everything. The world of cameras is changing and certainly for the better. I’ll spend the money on books and experiences instead of equipment. The photos will be good enough for now.

So in short, the results of pondering that day was a rough map of where I want to take photography. I just want to record some moments from everyday life and I want to fill life with experiences worth taking photos of. Easy enough.