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Ohio Winters. You Never Know What Will Happen.

Ohio’s Changing Winter Weather

Back road home in snow.
The backroad home in snow.

This photo was taken last week. The temperatures rose to over 50 since this photo. It’s been a fun winter to find photos. You never know what you’re going to be looking for.

I found this scene with the huge tree and blowing snow perfect for the mood last week. With mid-February approaching, I expect some more harsh cold.

60 Year Old Modern Home

60 year old modern looking home.
This home on 21st in Newark, Ohio looks modern, but it was built 60 years ago.

The snow was a few weeks ago, but it really made this out-of-the-ordinary home look interesting. It’s on 21st Street in Newark, Ohio and there are a few homes near this that really stand out from the surrounding neighborhood.

I was shocked to look up the home and find out it was built in 1955! The look makes it seem much more modern than that. My hat’s off to the architects of that era that went against the grain and created so many interesting designs.

It’s Sad To See A Motorcycle Abandoned In The Snow

Abandoned motorcycle in the snow
Abandoned. Why?

It makes you wonder what went wrong? Is the owner sick? Jailed?

It is a really said sight to see a bike just sitting in the snow like this. It makes you feel fortunate that your own bikes aren’t suffering the ┬ásame fate. Sure they’re just replaceable machines, but most are so beloved that you can only guess something bad has happened to this bike’s owner.

December 9th, 2016. My First Day Of Winter.

Cold temperatures on December 9th.
December 9th, 2016. Cold!

The official first day of winter is December 21st. I’m not a weather purist(or much of any type of purist for that matter) though, so the first day for me is when it’s damn cold and there’s enough snow to turn the ground white and stay for a while. In Ohio, often predicting that day is a difficult thing. You may even have that day, multiple times. For me though, I make the transition to winter on that first day.

What this means for me is a consistent change in plans. Outdoor activities are a little more limited. The motorcycles get some attention in the garage. Some indoor projects get started. A new resolution might get some early traction. Yes, a few years, I’ve actually came through with my New Year resolution. This year, I quit smoking, so it’s a big one.

So if I quit smoking this year, anyone who’s quit can probably already knows exactly what the resolution for this year will be. I don’t even want to talk about it. I’ll just do it.

Snow plow driving in the first snow of the year in Ohio.
Snow plows are coming out.

As for my photography, bring the snow on! I’m always ready for it. It’s like nature’s Photoshop filter. Everything looks different and it’s a new challenge every year. I can’t wait. It’s one of the things I do to keep the winter from dragging my spirits down.

Day 63 365 Project

Snow, ice, and rain on the sidewalks.
Snow, ice, and rain. Spring is coming.

March in Ohio means snow, ice, rain, then more of that again. Sometime in that order, sometimes not. That leaves the area constantly cold and wet, but with some hope in sight.

The reflections everywhere remind me of looking at them in the sidewalk on the cold walks to school. I was always anxious for the last of it to melt away and warm weather to start again. Same feelings today.

Day 58 365 Project

Seagulls At Buckeye Lake
Seagulls At Buckeye Lake During Winter Storm

I didn’t get a photo today. When that happens I go back a few days and see what didn’t make it before and choose from those. Some days you can get a bunch, others life gets in the way.

Seagulls are my favorite birds to watch. They are supreme survivalists and opportunists. They show up everywhere, from the deserts to the oceans. They’re not afraid of anything and they’re always checking us humans out to see if we’re got anything for them.

These birds seemed to actually enjoy the snowstorm.