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Just Stay Home And Watch Football? No Way!

The New Year’s Eve broadcast of the news instructed me that the first day of 2014 would be a nasty one. So nasty that I should just stay home and watch football on their station. No weather is that bad. There are just to many interesting things to explore.

I admit to being a little jealous. I’d love to just kick back, drink beer, and join in the revelry that is football. It looks easy and fun. Thing is, when I watch a game, I don’t see a game at all. I see an obviously manipulated, almost choreographed dance with a ball.

The players can barely communicate and they’re millionaires playing a game that there would be a long, long list full of capable athletes that are willing to play for far less money? What places these precious few in such a favorable position?

I see the stands full of approved and licensed fan-wear proudly displayed to show that they really are fans. They like the team so much that they’re willing to advertise all over their body for them.

Sorry, but no weather is bad enough for me to join in that. I like to take my camera and explore what’s left of my once-great city. I like to dream of things that could be done to fix it. The weather turned out to be very, very mild for January after all.

The photos I get reveal a little more to me every time I take my camera. I see more detail in the scene every time. It’s like looking for clues at the scene of the crime.

Newark, Ohio bridge crossing to old Worhle Stove Company.
The bridge crossing to the old Worhle Stove Company in Newark, Ohio.

As I walk to the old stove factory, I pass a few folks that I would suspect to be intoxicated. I am screamed at with horns blowing by passing motorists. I’m on the sidewalk and I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary. Maybe since I lack football attire, it riles the natives? Maybe they think there’s a possibility that I’m not a “fan”? Maybe I’m violating some new law against being a pedestrian? Who knows?

Newark, Ohio's old Worhle Stove Factory
Old Worhle Stove Factory In Newark, Ohio.

Windows are busted out or boarded up, but it’s still there. Do you see those clouds? There just seems something very odd about them. They do make for an interesting photo though.

Rockwood Sprinkler fire alarm.
A fire alarm from the Rockwood Sprinkler Company in Worcester, Mass.
Antique fire hydrant on West Main Street In Newark, Ohio
Old fire hydrant on West Main Street in Newark, Ohio. I don’t know if it’s operational, but it’s ancient and still there.

After poking around this old factory that made stoves that were so good that many are still in use 50 or 60 years later, I headed downtown to see what businesses were selling today. Here’s the shock and horror that I seen in a Newark business window. Art maybe?

Newark, Ohio business selling art.
Newark, Ohio business selling “art” of some sort.

There’s good reason that Tony’s Bar has been going just fine since 1945.

Antique bar sign for Tony's Bar in Newark, Ohio.
Tony’s Bar sign in Newark, Ohio.