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2013 Ural Patrol Spotted

I finally got a chance to get a picture of a decent Ural. This one was a 2013 Ural Patrol. The owner showed up while I was taking a photo and talked to me about it for a while. He loves the bike and had good things to say about it.

Ural Patrol Sidecar Motorcycle
2013 Ural Patrol Sidecar Motorcycle


2013 Ural Patrol with sidecar.
2013 Ural Patrol 2WD motorcycle with a sidecar.

After reading so much about these motorcycles, I’ve come to love them. Although the owner of this one was happy, many other are not. All of the things that they site as being problematic make this bike sound like a better hobby than a Harley-Davidson.

These bikes are Russian made wonders. They have a reputation for breaking often and being unreliable. I wouldn’t want one for my only motorcycle, but for one that’s not mission critical(i.e. getting to work or taking long trips), I wouldn’t mind working on one. The trade-off would be that when you can get this motorcycle to go, it can go anywhere.