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The Road To Chandlersville

Road To Chandlersville

Ohio State Route 146 out of Zanesville led me to this abandoned home. The rot was beginning and nature was staking it’s claim on this property.

Chandlersville, Ohio Home
Abandoned Chandlersville Home

I’m sure it’s just coincidence, but this is the last photo posted before a series of technological and social breakdowns of people and equipment. As I sit looking back at what’s occurred since I posted this photo, I have to wonder how things work though. Are there curses?

If there are curses, they don’t last. You work around them. If a drug-addled madman effects lives and livelihoods, you work around that. If your camera or computer breaks, you work around that until a solution happens. Resorting to other resources that are unfamiliar can be educational and exhilarating.

Still, like looking at this home, when you look at the events, wondering what the hell happened is understandable. This was a home that was ones somebody’s place of refuge. What happened?

I’ve got a block of material on hard drives that is just going to sit there for a while. I’m not sure I want to get back into them just yet.

The Forgotten Building On State Route 37

A Forgotten Building. Why?

Forgotten Building In A Field
Forgotten Building On State Route 37 in Fairfield County, Ohio.

I’ve watched this building decay for at least 25 years. It may have been setting like this longer. It appears as though it was moved from somewhere else and place here on some rocks. The owners have farmed around it and ignored it all of this time.

It’s their business, but I cannot help but wonder why? Why go through the hassle. What is the significance of this building that allows it to stand? Was it a loved one’s workshop? Do they know it’s bothering someone and leave it here to spite them? Is it reserving a zoning change that allows for a replacement if they want? I can only wonder.

It’s one of many buildings I take notice of that are falling apart. “Rural Decay” is the category of photography that best describes this. How they take so long to fall down is always a curious wonder.

A Foggy Day For National Road History

National Road History On 1/2/2017

National Road History peaks my interest. Every year, less and less evidence of the old road exist. More vanishes and gives way to newer things. Today I rode from Route 13 to Columbus, Ohio on Route 40 to have a look.

The Jack Town Pub Is Gone

The Jack Town Pub On The National Road in Jacksontown, Ohio.
The Jack Town Pub On Route 40 in Jacksontown, Ohio.

Today, 1/2/2017, The Jack Town Pub is gone.

Jack Town Pub Leveled
The Jack Town Pub is now gone.

I heard so many rumors about the demise of The Jack Town Pub that I wouldn’t really know the exact cause. What replaces it will tell me more about what really happened here. The end result though, a missing piece of Licking County, Ohio history on The National Road. Not all of it can be saved. We can hope something promising replaces it.

The Shamrock Is Falling Into Severe Disrepair

The Shamrock Motel in Etna, Ohio on route 40.
The Shamrock Motel On The National Road

Old historical buildings tend to turn into rummage sales, antique stores, and flea markets before their demise. It’s as if they are recalling better times and spewing out remnants from those days.

Rural decay on The National Road.
The rural decay of The Shamrock Motel on The National Road.
Motel room office for The Shamrock In Etna, Ohi.
The office for the motel rooms at The Shamrock on Route 40.

National Road history is so interesting because it’s still alive. You can drive out to it and touch and feel it. The modern day equivalent roars loud nearby on Interstate 70.

The road stretches from the middle of Illinois to Baltimore, Maryland. Where it starts and stops depends on what level of National Road purist you are.

Today’s foggy January 2, 2017 visit was just another witness to the state of the road. As for so long, it just slowly rots away and occasionally headway is made and new businesses arrive.

The Wesley Chapel Church. Built In 1848.

The Wesley Chapel Church is located in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio. Some may find it sad that this old church is falling apart. I found it interesting.

There are many churches still standing built in the same time period all around Ohio. They are giant churches made with stone and brick masonry and they probably will be there for 100’s of more years.

Wesley Chapel Church in the Hocking Hills
Wesley Chapel Church in the Hocking Hills.

This church is just a clapboard building that poor homesteaders put together in the rugged Hocking Hills. With this construction in mind, it’s a wonder that it’s still standing today.

The pioneers that attended this church were a different breed and this church was likely one of the most cherished places in the area.

The interior shows the serious signs of impending doom. You cannot tell in the photo, but there is a giant bow in the middle of the floor. The cross has been vandalized with paint and windows are broken out. The long altar makes you wonder how many prayers were prayed and what they were praying for so many years ago.

Interior of Wesley Chapel Church in The Hocking Hills.
Interior of Wesley Chapel Church In The Hocking Hills.

Most who attended this church have either passed or moved on to much more modern amenities. Most of the property in the area is for recreation with campgrounds and rental cabins surrounding the area. I don’t feel much sadness for it’s decay, but I’m happy I was able to see it.

Nature Taking Over At Taft Reserve

Taft Reserve has about 8 miles of trails and it’s ran by the Licking County Parks.

If you follow the trails in a couple of miles, you’ll come to a large abandoned farm. It was a huge operation and today, there’s not even a road left leading to it. There is a large house, old farm equipment, and many outbuildings just rotting away.

I find it interesting how nature will always reclaim everything if you let it. Most of the reserve is full of evidence of that happening. From scrub land trying to become a forest, old Indian mounds, and then this farm.

Curned tree in the forest.
Tree that had to adapt to grow.


Out building at the old farm at Taft Reserve in Licking County, Ohio.
Small abandoned barn at Taft Reserve.
Abandoned farm house at Taft Reserve.
Abandoned farm house at Taft Reserve in Licking County, Ohio.
Old farm equipment at Taft Reserve in Licking County, Ohio.
Abandoned farm equipment at Taft Reserve in Licking County, Ohio.


Day 90 365 Project

An old shack in the country.
An old shack in the country.

Tonight was a hard choice for a photo. I found a nice place out in the country at sunset and started stopping the car in safe places and snapping photos.

I got some really cool shots of the moon over the bare early Spring fields. A truck passed me, then returned. I had to laugh when he asked what I seen that I was shooting. I said the field with the moon rising over it. He gave me a look of disbelief.

Some people just don’t see the things I do. Maybe I am crazy. The moon photo is cool. maybe I’ll post it sometime. This run down shack beat it out though. I love the details I can pull out of a scene like this and I like the mystery in wondering how this shack reached this state of disrepair.