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Out Of The Office

OOTO – Out Of The Office Indefinetly

A van wheel.
Van wheel.

Not long ago, I woke up and realized that I was spending a large portion of my life in an office environment that didn’t suit me well. I made the decision to leave it and pursue other endeavors. I sent an e-mail and the office ordeal was over.

Now, I’m out learning and earning in the gig economy, creating web content, and doing photography work. I am permanently out of the office. I’m happy.

Exactly what I’m doing will show in my future work. The easiest and most prominent gig is ridesharing. I don’t know why it’s called ridesharing. Customers pay me to provide transportation. Cell phone apps are used to accomplish this in a very efficient manner. Anyone with a cell phone, clean criminal and driving record, and a good vehicle can do this job. Profitability is a challenge and it’s not for everyone.

The companies that own the apps run promotions to encourage referrals. I’m not going to do it. Everyone knows the service exists, so a rider referral doesn’t make sense to me. I know very few people that are good fit for this occupation, so I’m not going to promote the driver referrals. I get the option to keep my integrity. I have other options to increase my income.

I’m out of the office because I want to be outside experiencing life again. I have my camera at the ready. I write. I observe. I talk to my customers who want conversations during their ride. Life is good.

This article marks a big changing point in life and lifestyle. I will have more stories, more photos, and more viewpoints to share.