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Licking River After A Hard Rain

The Licking River After A Hard Rain

The Rain

The rain fell hard on the night of 1 March, 2017 around Newark, Ohio. The number of inches would have told some of the story, but I prefer to just go look at the rivers and streams. They will tell if the ground is distributing the water to much or soaking it up.

As the video shows, nothing to dramatic was happening. It’s hypnotizing to watch the power of the water, even on a little river like the Licking River.

The Video

I sincerely want decent videos, but much like photography, I don’t want to dive into expensive equipment and complex methods. I just want to be able to tell a bit of a story with and share some of the scenes I come across.

The advice from some YouTube producers I watch is to just do it. Just start working with video and improving the work as you go. Disregard the trolls and naysayers and just produce to the best of your abilities. That’s the plan.

Showing my work is a method of motivation for me. I know they’re not the best quality yet. I still hope you enjoy them.

The Weird News For The Day

I just wanted to know how many inches of rain fell. I check the local “news” website. I could not find it. What I did find an article about a random toe sucker at the mall. The only thing weirder about a toe sucker is a large media conglomerate pushing a story like this.

I found this weird article in multiple news sites later in the day. Why the major push? What in the fuck is so important about this man’s mental illness that it just had to be seen? It’s clickbait. It’s just an article of little value with a shocking title to get clicks. Pure garbage. Journalism is dead.

The value of clickbait is that it will get viewers clicking around the site and that will place ads on their screens. That’s how they make money. This is all fine and good, nothing is free. The problem is that they do this in such an abhorrent way, but still want to retain their status as “real news”. Their legitimacy is to be called to question.

On the conspiracy minded side of this, I’m curious to know if there is more to gain than just ad money. Could their be a further agenda? Could it just make them happy to boost deviant stories higher and higher in their listings?

I never clicked on the story. I can’t say I’ll never visit the local news site again. I will, but I’ll never take it serious again.


Real news, like a flood level report after a torrential downpour – not important to major media sources. Toe sucking – the devious little bastards at major media sources really want you reading about that.

Get out there. See the truth of what’s going on in your world and enjoy it. Don’t sit and read what they want you to believe your world is like. You’ll start fearing toe suckers around every corner.

Spring Weather

It’s not uncommon for the Spring weather in Ohio to slow down motorcycling just a little. It’s working out ok for me though as the motorcycles are down with problems that need money and time to work out.

This shot was taken returning from a motorcycle parts run to Columbus, Ohio.

Spring rain clouds over Ohio farm fields.
Rain clouds over farm fields in Ohio.

Day 96 365 Project

Truck on the road in the rain at night.
Semi in the rain at night.

I’m happy with this photo, but it’s not what I want. The idea in my head is a truck coming down the road with the lights hitting the rain. This photo does get me one step closer to that idea though.

I now know I need better positioning closer to the road. I need to switch to the 40mm or 50mm. Bumping up the ISO from 3200 to 6400 will probably work, especially with the 50mm that can open up one more stop than the 40mm.

Of course, safety is a concern so I’ll be scouting out a better spot.

This was a fun shoot with the challenges presented. An umbrella is new mandatory photo gear. The rain changes everything and all that’s required for the effect is a bad day and an umbrella to keep the camera from getting rain on the lens.

Day 72 365 Project

Lit up Peterbilt in the rain.
A Peterbilt lit up at a truckstop on a rainy night.

I worked through the day without taking time to get a photo. The rain kept coming and it was still here at night. Finding photos in the rain at night is tricky.

One tactic I use for nights like this is to make use of the reflections and light that I can find. I thought about how the truck stop parking lots use to light up with all the chicken lights on the semis idling. I think the idea worked well. Brought back memories too.

Day 63 365 Project

Snow, ice, and rain on the sidewalks.
Snow, ice, and rain. Spring is coming.

March in Ohio means snow, ice, rain, then more of that again. Sometime in that order, sometimes not. That leaves the area constantly cold and wet, but with some hope in sight.

The reflections everywhere remind me of looking at them in the sidewalk on the cold walks to school. I was always anxious for the last of it to melt away and warm weather to start again. Same feelings today.

Day 3 365 Project

Driving in the rain.
Driving In The Rain

This is the reason pro photographers don’t do 365 projects. If you’re going to do one and be honest about it, you’re going to have bad days where nothing much happens. I’m not a pro, you’re reading this for free, so I’ll post it anyhow.

This is all that I could come up with because I made a mistake. I went for a walk at a popular shopping area and found a cool scene. It was raining and there was this giant fish sign with a perfect reflection in the water on the street. It was going to be a cool capture for the project. There was no SD card in the camera so for the exception of the exercise, I lost my photo. These things happen.

The value in this is the attempt. For all of the great photos you’ve ever seen, there are thousands by the same photographer that you didn’t. In 365 days, there will be some like this that merely document the day and bore the viewer.

So what type of day led to a photo this boring. Even though I dislike shopping and malls, the weather made it seem a good idea to go to one for a walk out of the weather. I realized why I don’t like them. It’s just the unadulterated materialism.

I like stuff, everyone does. To much of anything is bad though and when I look at today’s major shopping areas, they are just packed with stuff people don’t really need. Retail experts arranged all of this stuff in clever ways to draw people to marked up Chinese crap and watching it work is depressing.

The most humorous store that I seen was an Apple Store. I’ve never wanted anything from Apple, so I never noticed their store. All that it was was a bare store with a bunch of tables. The customers were all standing at the tables poking at devices. I wonder what someone from the past would think peering into this store?

I went to the bookstore like I always do. If there’s anything honorable worth buying at a mall, it would be knowledge. I almost bought this book by Joel Meyerowitz. I just could bring myself to do it though because I know I’ll find it cheaper online. Even the bookstore seems pointless in the modern world.

This failed day was worth it though. I’m on a mission to find more interesting places with people. Places that don’t have have mall cops. Places that don’t have to lure you in with fancy displays because they have stuff you need. I’ll be on the lookout.