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A Walk In Holmes County, Ohio

Super Bowl Alternatives

While the rest of world was pre-gaming for the Super Bowl, I was out taking these photos. It was very nice weather for early February. The walk was good for the bones.

Holmes County Bicycle Trail
Holmes County Bicycle Trail

This is the bicycle trail near Killbuck, Ohio. I walked a few miles of it and found it relaxing. Being winter and Super Bowl day, the traffic was light.

Swamp on the Holmes County Bicycle Trail.
Swamp on the Holmes County Bicycle Trail

The birds around this swamp area of the trail were abundant even on a winter day. I have to remember to get back here on a Spring day.

During the game, I made these photos. I picked them out of many that I took and processed them to what my mind’s eye saw.

Monday brought long winded discussions of a few Super Bowl plays, few mentions of players or even team names, and a long focus on the half-time show. The show starred a lady with a name that sounded like a character for toddlers, but grown men were talking about her. I never did look up who played the game.

I don’t care about about millionaire’s playing a child’s sport or a Satanic lady with a name that would appeal to toddler. I care about the real world and the beauty it provides. Disconnecting even further seems like a smart thing to do.

Balloon Chasing From A Year Ago

Facebook has it’s good and bad. Far, far more bad than good, but occasionally it’s useful. It reminded me that a year ago I was chasing balloons and took some cool photos of what happened.It also reminded me that I had intended to put it in my blog, but never did. I only posted it to Facebook. That made my story their story. I don’t like that.

So what happened that day? Tami and I were on our way home from The Shelby Mall. We were close to Mansfield when I noted this beautiful hot air balloon. I wanted photos of it, so we started following it.

Rainbow colored hot air balloon flying.
A hot air balloon spotted over Richland County in Ohio.

I didn’t want just any photos, I wanted a photo of a hot air balloon with a farm or any other part of the landscape. I got the shot!

Hot air balloon flying over a farm.
Hot air balloon over a Richland County, Ohio farm.

After I got the shot and we were thinking about heading home, it looked like the balloon was out of control. It would start going down for a landing, then taking off again. It did this quite a few times until it looked like an attempt had ended in disaster.

Another car had been following it too and thought they had witnessed a crash into the woodline too. Myself and a faster, younger passenger of that vehicle ran through the woods. I was afraid of what I might find. A few times, I had to stop to catch my breath.

Once I reached the “crash” site, we realized that it was a baby soft landing in a field just beyond the woodline I had ran through. I was so relieved. It was actually a celebration with champagne and all. Their chase vehicle was there too. The farmer who owned the land gave them permission and drank champagne with the young couple and pilot.

Hot air balloons.
Happy landing of a hot air balloon.

I learned a few things that day.

  1. I smoked to much and I was to fat to run like that. Since then, I’ve quit smoking. The fat problem is next.
  2. Canon SX50 cameras(and other superzoom cameras) are great. I was able to get the zoom shot, the farm shot, then make the run through the woods and get the final celebratory landing with 1 camera.
  3. Hot air balloons are at the mercy of the wind and landowners. If the farmer had decided that he didn’t want the balloon to land, they would have been forced to take off again and try a landing elsewhere.

What I’ve learned today is that I shouldn’t be lazy and post things I intend to write about on my Facebook page. I own this site. This will be around. Who knows what Facebook will do with it?