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New HDR Photos

New HDR Photos

With winter coming, I’ve had time to create some more HDR photos. I some people enjoy these so I am letting you know new photos are available.

All of my photos are now available for easy purchase too! Just click on the photos to find out more.

The tunnel in Howard, Ohio.
Howard, Ohio bicycle path tunnel.
Downtown Shawnee, Ohio
Downtown Shawnee, Ohio.

I’ve added some software to improve the speed of creating HDR photos and the quality is better too. It’s an interesting look and an enjoyable challenge to create these unique images.

Another Visit To Shawnee, Ohio

Shawnee, Ohio is an old boom town that went bust in the “Cities Of Black Diamonds” area of Southeast Ohio. There’s a lot of history to it, but I have yet to talk to a true expert on the subject. A Google search will give you the history. I’ll tell you my experience from what it’s like now.

As you can imagine, a ghost town is susceptible to trespassers of all sorts. It wasn’t surprising to see signs warning visitors away. The place had deteriorated so far that I wondered if the sign was really needed anymore.

Keep Out sign in dilapidated stairway.
An eerie “Keep Out” sign posted on a makeshift door on a fire escape.

I didn’t find anything to lead me to believe the place was haunted. I would say that it was haunting. There were so many things that were just out of place.

There were children running around playing, then they would disappear. They weren’t harming anything, but they didn’t speak when I greeted them. It just seems that children would face a lot of dangers in the area and that you wouldn’t see them.

There were many things out of place. Store windows were loaded with antiques as if at some point, the owners had tried to recreate what the stores would have sold. Kind of a museum effect. The thing was, the museum style setups had also got really old.

Broken glass was common, but it was not from vandalism. The buildings had settled so bad that it was popping out of the frames.

A look up gave this view of a somewhat intact porch with windows and a door, but no building behind it.

Sky seen through the windows of empty buildings.
Sky seen through upper floor windows of Shawnee, Ohio buildings.

For reasons unknown to me, a broken statue of Jesus was kept in this store window. The peeling paint revealing red and the missing arms  made it very odd and haunting.

Broken statue of Jesus Christ in a storefront window.
Broken statue of Jesus Christ in an old storefront window In Shawnee, Ohio

Someday I want to talk to a person who really understands the history. I’m curious about the future of a place like this too. It would seem the entire town fits the bill for historical significance.

For more photos of Shawnee, there are a few from a past visit in the Perry County Section of my Ohio Photography Project.