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Somber 1st Day Of Snow For The 2016-2017 Season

The snow today was light, but enough to make the call of 11/19/2016 as the first day of snow.

We rode in a ceremony to repatriate the remains of William Cowen who died in the Korean War. His remains were recently positively identified. Tests concluded that he died of malnutrition, beatings, and frostbite. In summary, that’s a hell of a lot of pain.

The knowledge of this lessened the complaint of cold and allowed me to reflect and be thankful for what PFC. Cowen and countless others went through to secure this great Republic for all of us.

Honda motorcycles in a graveyard with flags.
My Honda in a graveyard after assisting in an escort to the cemetery.

It’s important to remember that great sacrifices are made on our behalf all of the time. The family of Mr. Cowen went on without knowing his whereabouts their entire lives. Nieces and nephews were the only remaining family by the time news came to verify his capture and death.

Enjoy every day and remember these sacrifices. Use your freedom to the best of your abilities to do good.

So, off we go into the Winter months. There will be more photography and writing as the weather keeps me from my motorcycle. Bikers just have to switch to alternate endeavors for a little while if we’re stuck in the colder climates.

I hope my readers keep warm and find ways to occupy themselves until Spring returns! I have suggestions if the cabin fever gets to you, but I can’t promise they’ll work.