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Redneck, White, And Blue Chevy Truck

Patriotic paintjob.
Patriotic paintjob on an old Chevy truck.

I know, it has a rebel flag on it. So what. If that’s a problem go read your history. That’s what the driver of this truck would most likely tell you and he’d be correct.

I can only make assumptions about this truck but I bet it’s a safe bet to say that he works on his own vehicles, doesn’t care what you think, and he works for a living. Most of all, he loves his country. You may not approve of his truck or his rebel flag, but he’s not going to take anything from you. He has counterparts that do.

Preferences. Red, White, Or Blue.

Red, white, and blue trucks.
Red truck with red trim and the blue truck with the blue trim house.

Color preferences in small town America. Red, white, or blue.

This scene caught my eye when I noticed the trim of the houses matched the pickup trucks out front. It was taken in Murray City, Ohio, a nice little town with a great American Legion that’s well worth a visit.