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Star Trek Art Cars And Other Thoughts

This Star Trek Art Car Made Me Think

I know people will take my thoughts on this the wrong way, but take it from the positive tone please. I like art and I like cars. Some art and and some cars I like better than others, but’s it’s rarely a bad thing to combine the 2. I smiled when I seen this space toy themed art on a VW van.

VW Van with space toy themed art.
Space Toy Themed Art Car

The controversial part of my thoughts on this are that it was parked in the most Liberal section of a Liberal area in Columbus, Ohio; The Short North. The crowd that make this type of art in this area whine and bitch about how there is never enough for their causes, yet find time and resources to glue toys all over a van.

In my opinion, a world with enough time to glue toys all over a van, really isn’t that oppressed.

New HDR Photos

New HDR Photos

With winter coming, I’ve had time to create some more HDR photos. I some people enjoy these so I am letting you know new photos are available.

All of my photos are now available for easy purchase too! Just click on the photos to find out more.

The tunnel in Howard, Ohio.
Howard, Ohio bicycle path tunnel.
Downtown Shawnee, Ohio
Downtown Shawnee, Ohio.

I’ve added some software to improve the speed of creating HDR photos and the quality is better too. It’s an interesting look and an enjoyable challenge to create these unique images.

Apple Butter Stirring Excitement

The Excitement Stirred in Roscoe Village

Please understand, I’m not slamming the Apple Butter Festival. Many people would love it. People into crafts would be in heaven I’m not even a festival guy. I didn’t.  For me it was a humorous disaster.

First stop was a church parking lot we were directed to. $3 each to park. I asked if 1 spot for 2 bikes would be $3. They said no. That’s un-Christian right there – I think. I paid anyhow. I didn’t want to talk about $3 at the pearly gates, so I gave up the money, but we took 2 spaces.

First, I was yelled at a by an elderly Eastern European playing a harpsichord.  I just pointed my camera at him playing. He freaked out. Whatever. Eastern European harpsichord players are cranky bastards.

There was an overwhelming amount of high-priced pallet wood art.

And the apple butter? There was one dude stirring apple butter. Here he is. He was about as excited as you expect a guy stirring apple butter to be.

Stirring apple butter at Roscoe Village.
The one apple butter stirrer at the Apple Butter Stirring Festival.

I got a laugh out of the situation though. I hiked a serious hill and paid a $5 entry fee. There were more fees to do other things if one opted to, $5 got a visitor admission to a public street.

There was a really good band playing and the place smelled great with the food cooking. It wasn’t all bad.

Harrison County, Ohio Photos Are Complete

Harrison County, Ohio Photos Are Done

Another Ohio County, Harrison County, is in the books as complete. I’ve also added a motovlog to the process as a bonus.

Harrison  County was a joy and I’ll be back often. The roads are great for motorcycling and the lakes, small towns, and historical spots provide for many places to explore.

The video is below and the pictures are at this link.


NC700X Ride On Ohio 555. The Triple Nickel

NC700X Ride On The Triple Nickel

This is a ride down the infamous Ohio State Route 555, also known as The Triple Nickel.  The road is rumored to be difficult, but as the video shows, with a little care, it’s no big deal.

The video is done from a 2012 Honda NC700X. It’s a very easy motorcycle to handle on a road like the 555. Watch the video and you’ll get a feel for what it’s all about.

Hardin County, Ohio Photos Are Complete

Hardin County Photos Are Complete

The Hardin County photos for the Ohio County Photography Project are finished.

Like most of the counties in the northwest section of Ohio, it can be difficult to find interesting photos that are unique to the county visited. Happy to say that I found some interesting subjects.

You can ride along for the ride to and from Hardin County, but I didn’t roll the cameras while in the Hardin county. I wanted to stay focused on the project instead of motovlogging.

Ohio’s Tail Of The Dragon. State Route 536

Ohio’s Tail Of The Dragon. What A Ride!

Ohio’s “Tail Of The Dragon” is actually better than Tennessee’s in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, both are incredible. Ohio State Route 536 is closer and has less traffic. The road is just as thrilling. Here is a video of the ride.

And here is the the long version which covers many topics as I ride through the cities of –