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Corporate Harsh Realities

The Harsh Realities Of Corporations

I’ve never been a fan of corporate law. Now many will attempt to twist that into saying I’m not a fan of business. The reality is that corporations don’t like business.

I say this because in business, responsible entities are helpful on all sides to create a beneficial transaction. Corporate law dictates that the top motivation for any decision is a profit for the corporate investors. Most of the time, that is short term profit. Corporations do and say anything to blind those they do business with to that top, legally mandated, priority.

Starcraft WS 2000
Deceptively named WS 2000 Starcraft. 2000 once denoted futuristic as did the word “Starcraft”.

I bring this fact about corporations up, because I listened to a corporate type employed by a multi-billion company just rip apart a group of people as he discussed with his coworker who they were going to downsize. He did this as I was taking him to the airport.

First, he stated how he threatened his management that they would be cut if they weren’t the top producers in comparison to other locations. He didn’t state that he assisted with a plan to help them achieve that. Then, he chatted about his personal likes and dislikes of the people he worked with. One example comment was, “I don’t even listen to that guy, he’s like 4′ 3″ with a mushroom top hair cut. Screw him!”.

I’ve noticed this with many modern corporations. They hire overgrown frat boys like this to run a company with threats and verbal beat downs. The rest of us are left to do the real work while they rake in the profits. If they don’t like the way you look, success will not happen for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this type of management doesn’t work. This is a billion dollar company. I’m saying that it’s morally and ethically wrong and that this type of operation is common. If you’re on the receiving end of this type of operation, leave. The abused may thrive elsewhere, even if their income is decreased.

It’s OK to acknowledge and accept that a corporate environment is not a good fit. Don’t let society define what a “good job” is for you. Stop contributing to people that mistreat you once you’ve established that they don’t like you.