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Day 76 365 Project

Question mark on a door of a house being demolished.
Question mark on the door of a home being demolished.

This door with a question mark was the last part of a house to stand during a demolition project in Newark, Ohio.

I found it symbolic because it was Obama money and money from banks sued for fraudulently repossessing homes that paid for the demolition. The mayor and other politicians take credit for the project. Questionable indeed.

Day 74 365 Project

Subway restaurant in Newark, Ohio.
Subway restaurant on the square in Newark, Ohio.

Today’s photo is something different for me. It’s an interior shot of the Subway restaurant in Newark, Ohio. They kept the metal ceiling that has been in the building for many years. The place is really classy for a sub shop.

Interior photos are something different for me. This is an HDR from 2 different exposures.

That wasn’t all I did while out on the motorcycle today though. Here’s a blue sunset on Buckeye Lake.

Buckeye Lake, Ohio Sunset
Blue sunset at Buckeye Lake.

Day 15 365 Project

Triangle Bar sign in Newark, Ohio.
Antique sign for the Triangle Bar in Newark, Ohio

Tonight was a fun night. See the guy poking his head around the corner? He had a problem with me taking a photo of the sign and wanted to argue about it. I left when he told me to wait right there because he’d be back. LOL.

Street photography intrigues me because of this idea. There’s no law against taking photos in the street. It’s 100% legal, but maybe not safe. What’s fun that’s safe anyhow?