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Sunday In Amish Country On Motorcycles

Riding Motorcycles In Amish Country On A Sunday

Lucky To Live Near Amish Country

Living near Amish country gives me a different perspective on life. I don’t study it too much, but simple observations reveal more than anything else. There’s a different smell and feel around farms that use old methods. It’s a different world.

Sunday is the day to ride motorcycles in Amish Country if you’re doing it for the sake of riding. Tourist traps are closed and the traffic is light.

On the way up to Millersburg, I noticed this small prayer chapel in Greer, Ohio. The plan was to do some trick of photography with it, but I’ll have to go back and try again. While I was trying to find a unique angle, there was a child’s voice belting out hymns in the backyard of the house next to the church. He was singing with all he had and it was actually very good singing. I didn’t want to embarrass the little guy so we quietly left.

Honda Goldwing parked next to a tiny church in Greer, Ohio.
Large motorcycle, tiny church.

We went down state route 557 just outside of Millersburg, Ohio. The area is so beautiful and the farms are so full of life that it makes you wonder if God doesn’t give extended protection to this area. The farms used contour farming and it creates an interesting pattern on the hillsides. The woodlands and creeks are dotted in between the patchwork. Haystacks dotted the fields.

I didn’t spend much time taking photos. The ride was just to pleasant to stop this time. I was planning how I would approach photography here. Amish beliefs often cause them to shy from cameras so it’s not polite to photograph them. On the other side of that, it’s a free country and we can photograph almost anything in the public view. I try to use that freedom in a refrained manner.

Ragersville, Ohio tavern.
Tavern Of Ragersville.

We ended up at the Tavern Of Ragersville. I like bars with history. Some may consider these old bars “dive” bars. Whatever the vernacular, The Tavern Of Ragersville had character and I enjoyed the cold beer and good food.

After leaving, I headed home and the ride continued to be full of curves and fun. We found State Route 751 which led us back to State Route 16. A short break in Roscoe Village, then a ride down a familiar favorite road, State route 541 to Martinsburg, Ohio near home.

A highly recommend the area for riding, but I’ve found that Saturday is not favorable due to traffic. There are a few non-Amish restaurants that do keep short Sunday hours.

The Reason I Quit Motovlogging.

I quit motovlogging before I even got started. I never could come up with a system that was hassle-free enough to work and the content that I created really wasn’t that good.

Walterific is one that I watch and enjoy occasionally. He’s geared towards a younger crowd, but I always found his videos to be about as good as you can get on a bike. I often wondered how he did all the things he did while riding without a problem. The answer was that that he couldn’t. It caught up with him eventually.

Walter seems like a great guy and I’m sure he’ll find a way to motovlog . Actually, it happened while he was changing a song on his radio and not while motovlogging, but for me, motovlogging had the same problem. There were little distractions that had to take place to do it. Distractions on motorcycles(or any vehicle), just aren’t worth it.

I am thinking about trying to use what I learned creating videos to do other types of videos, but it is much more difficult to come up with content worth recording than you would think. It’s a talent and a skill like photography or anything else.


Somber 1st Day Of Snow For The 2016-2017 Season

The snow today was light, but enough to make the call of 11/19/2016 as the first day of snow.

We rode in a ceremony to repatriate the remains of William Cowen who died in the Korean War. His remains were recently positively identified. Tests concluded that he died of malnutrition, beatings, and frostbite. In summary, that’s a hell of a lot of pain.

The knowledge of this lessened the complaint of cold and allowed me to reflect and be thankful for what PFC. Cowen and countless others went through to secure this great Republic for all of us.

Honda motorcycles in a graveyard with flags.
My Honda in a graveyard after assisting in an escort to the cemetery.

It’s important to remember that great sacrifices are made on our behalf all of the time. The family of Mr. Cowen went on without knowing his whereabouts their entire lives. Nieces and nephews were the only remaining family by the time news came to verify his capture and death.

Enjoy every day and remember these sacrifices. Use your freedom to the best of your abilities to do good.

So, off we go into the Winter months. There will be more photography and writing as the weather keeps me from my motorcycle. Bikers just have to switch to alternate endeavors for a little while if we’re stuck in the colder climates.

I hope my readers keep warm and find ways to occupy themselves until Spring returns! I have suggestions if the cabin fever gets to you, but I can’t promise they’ll work.

Happy To Have My Shadow On The Motorcycle Lift

I’ve written about my old Honda Shadow before. The bike has been around and has yet to leave me stranded, so I like the bike a lot despite it’s faults. Last night it went on the lift for repair and it was a happy moment.

2006 Honda Shadow On A Motorcycle Lift
Honda Shadow On The Motorcycle Lift

This repair is different from all of the others because it doesn’t need to be done. There was just a small leak in the tire that only required attention about once a month. I had taken it back to the shop that installed it and they claimed that I needed a new tire even thought it was just the tube leaking as it wasn’t safe to mount and remount a motorcycle tire. Bullshit!!!

I hated to hear that bullshit from a place I’d liked and patronized since I was 18 years old. They used to be just a small parts shop on the corner and they had treated me well over the years. They’ve grown into a massive motorcycle superstore and as they’ve grown, their level of service and honesty has declined. To make matters worse, the other dealers and shops in my area aren’t much better. As the old saying goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”. Turns out that if I want my motorcycle worked on at all, I’d better do it myself.

The bright side to all of this is that I’ve always wanted a vehicle that I could just work on without the stress of a deadline. I’ve worked on the family cars and the Semi-trucks I drove out of necessity at times when the situation didn’t allow for a leisurely repair or hired help. It takes the fun right out of it.

I’ve only done one major job on a motorcycle and that was a valve adjustment to this Shadow. The second time will be a walk in the park, but the first was horrific. I broke bolts, lost parts, etc. I swore if I ever did that job again, I’d have my garage set up right for it and a lift so I didn’t have to crawl around to work on it.

After a bunch of research into the topic of motorcycle repair, I have a good minimal setup, even a tire changer. Never again will I pay some lame shop $80+ dollars for a 15 minute job that they can’t even get done right. No more leaving the bike for days and days for minor repairs. I’ve got the shop manual and tools so I can do it myself.

Not only can I just fix the bikes myself, but the Shadow is my spare. It’s going to get some modifications. It’s going to be fun.

A Few Pics From Bike Rides This Summer

I love the summer because it’s the time of year that means I always have something to do and no place in particular to go. That’s how I like it.

Here are some photos of some bikes that have caught my eye out on adventures this year.

Honda Gold Wings. Always ahead of the curve on innovation.
An old Harley that’s been a few places.
The Nortan Commando. Because Norton’s have class.
A two-tone Harley-Davidson SportGlide.
Harley Sportster. The model’s been produced since the 50’s and there are Harley aficionados that still don’t consider it a worthy Harley. I give. I like them.
The custom chopper. Good for one thing. Looking Good.