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In sync with nature

Fall scenery from a Honda Goldwing.
Through the windshield of my Goldwing in the fall.

As I ride away to the west, the noise in the engine seems to settle in a rhythmic thrum, and the wind ripples the grass in the fields alongside the road. The tops of the blades are waving to and fro, and it’s easy to imagine the valves in the engine rising and falling with them, in sync with nature – Mark Richardson

The Indian Scout. Instincts And Danger

Indian Scout and a quote from Jeremy Irons.
“I love it because when you ride a bike, there’s so much danger about it that all your instincts come right to the surface, all your senses”. – Jeremy Irons

I thought Jeremy Irons’ quote suited this photo of an Indian Scout well. If there is a motorcycle that is dangerous enough to bring instincts to the surface, it’s this bike.

Mr. Irons is quite a motorcycle fan who speaks well of the sport.

Poetry Of Machines

Motorcycles and an old Navy airplane at the Baltimore, Ohio VFW.
Hurrah for the poetry of machines, propelled and driving; the poetry of levers, wheels, and wings of steel. – Dziga Vertov(1922)

Dziga Vertov certainly understood that poetry and how to put that work in his movies. His most famous, “Man With A Movie Camera” was way before it’s time.