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The Chateau Laroche. A Castle In Loveland, Ohio.

The Chateau Laroche In Loveland, Ohio.

As I continue with my Ohio County Photo Project, I found it inspiring to continue such an undertaking after visiting the Chateau Laroche. It’s a hand built castle in Loveland, Ohio.

The Chateau Laroche. A castle in Loveland, Ohio.
Chateau Laroche in Loveland, Ohio.

The castle is located in Hamilton County, just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s located at the bottom of a steep and winding road. The road was difficult to navigate with my Goldwing motorcycle. I don’t suggest this visit for new motorcycle riders.

The castle was the result of Harry Andrews having a deep interest in medieval times. He shared this interest with his Boy Scout troop and willed the property to the troop when he died in 1981. It’s inspiring that one man could do this and spark the interest of so many others.