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Squirrels on the powerline.
Squirrels Scramble down the powerline outside my house.

Backyard Squirrels

The squirrels around here are fun. I watch them scramble from my dogs and succeed in escaping them every time. Sometimes it’s close.

Squirrels only seem to have a few tools in their survival kit. Speed, agility, and energy. When I watch them take risks at darting around the dogs for no good reason, I have to wonder what stupidity brings that on. Certainly they’re not just daredevils.

They’re good photography practice. Finding them in the viewer and getting the shot is a challenge. Nearly as difficult as birds, but easy enough to get practice.

Squirrels only live 2-5 years and many probably die quicker due to predators and other early demises. Animals like this don’t get a lot of time in this world to hone their smarts. Like all rodents, what intelligence they do have is centered around obtaining food. Nothing is safe from these little omnivores.

Enjoy The Criticism

If you want to have a life free of criticism, don’t do anything creative. It will be a very unrewarding life, but you won’t face the pain of those who don’t appreciate your work.

For the rest of us, enjoy all criticism. The good, the bad, the useful, the spiteful, and the pitiful. If you’re wise, you’ll learn to pick up on what type of criticism is being dished out.

Fall leaves at Dawes Arboretum
Fall leaves at Dawes Arboretum

I think the criticism about my photography that made me laugh the most and realize that I had a long, long way to go was when a friend said, “When you finally get some good kit(British slang for gear), you’re photos are going to be amazing. Well, thanks for making excuses for me!