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Granville, Ohio In Snow

Tonight I went for a little ride during a “level 1 snow emergency”. Yes, that’s what they call it when you can still drive without problems, very few accidents on the road, and only spotty power outages. I’m not sure how the fit “emergency” into that equation, but I do know it drives milk and bread sales.

To me, a level 1 snow emergency meant to grab my camera. It was so beautiful out.

This photo is of the historic Granville Inn.

The Granville Inn.
The historic Granville Inn.

I’m not a medical person by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to wonder if they may be misdiagnosing Seasonal Affective Disorder to some degree. From my observations, depression and anxiety greatly increases in people around me with the bullshit calls to weather alerts that are nothing to be alarmed about. They provide no reassurance that very few people will die from a few inches of snow and that if you take the time to venture out into it, you’ll experience a beautiful world that you haven’t seen for quite a few months.

2016 Winter. Easy In Ohio So Far.

Here it is January 10th, 2016 and what appears to be the first real winter weather of the year appears.

This photo was taken on a hike at Dawes Arboretum near Newark, Ohio today.

January 2016 Dawes Arboretum Photo
Lake At Dawes Arboretum In January.

Last year I tried a 365 project that failed. It failed in the idea that I did not produce 1 photo a day for 365 days. It succeeded in showing me that you need to take at least one photo a day to improve. Many of those photos will be bad, but some will be great. You need that frequency to lead you to the great shots. The failures are the practice that lead you to the great photos.

This year, I’m just trying to improve and post the best photos I get as they come. The goal is just improvement.

Nature Taking Over At Taft Reserve

Taft Reserve has about 8 miles of trails and it’s ran by the Licking County Parks.

If you follow the trails in a couple of miles, you’ll come to a large abandoned farm. It was a huge operation and today, there’s not even a road left leading to it. There is a large house, old farm equipment, and many outbuildings just rotting away.

I find it interesting how nature will always reclaim everything if you let it. Most of the reserve is full of evidence of that happening. From scrub land trying to become a forest, old Indian mounds, and then this farm.

Curned tree in the forest.
Tree that had to adapt to grow.


Out building at the old farm at Taft Reserve in Licking County, Ohio.
Small abandoned barn at Taft Reserve.
Abandoned farm house at Taft Reserve.
Abandoned farm house at Taft Reserve in Licking County, Ohio.
Old farm equipment at Taft Reserve in Licking County, Ohio.
Abandoned farm equipment at Taft Reserve in Licking County, Ohio.