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What I Like About Indian Motorcycles

Modified Indian Scout motorcycle.
Modified Indian Scout

I really like the new Indian motorcycles and I’m noticing that parts are coming available to modify them. The exhaust on this one sounded incredible. The retro styling works pretty well with the modern motorcycle.

I ran into this one at The Angry Bull in Zanesville, Ohio while on a poker run for a fallen biker who worked at Jugz in nearby Newark. It was a cold day, but the owner was nothing but smiles. No fairing and 50 degrees usually does not produce the smile he had. There might be something to this Indian than it just being cool.

What I do find odd is the advertising. They’re trying to rely to much on the brand name that really doesn’t have much to do with the motorcycle that is being sold today. They don’t speak of company practices from the old days that are used or anything of that nature. Other than a few styling queues, there’s nothing much to do with the motorcycle of days gone by.

I’m considering one. Just not sure if I want to pay for the showpiece factor and the nostalgia or if I should just by a Victory. I have more to learn about this company’s motorcycles.