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Character And Imperfections

Character And Imperfections

Antique Chevrolet Impala
An Imperfect Impala

This antique Chevrolet Impala is the wrong car for just about everybody. That would include people who want to restore an antique a Chevrolet Impala.

I can tell from looking that there are previous failed restorations. Many parts have been stripped that are going to be expensive to replace. Some of those parts are not obvious, like small chrome accents.

It would be my guess that the current owner would vastly over-estimate the car’s value.

For just about everyone, this car is a fail. There are few people that have the resources(cash, spare parts, skills, etc.) to turn this car into a masterpiece.

I was editing this photo and realized so many imperfections in the photo(ghosting, poor background, etc.) and thought about that. I just like the photo and I don’t care about the imperfections. I like the character displayed in this angle of this car.