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The Ice Cream Shop Of Death

The Ice Cream Shop Of Death

I found this ice cream shop in the Franklinton area of Columbus, Ohio. Ice cream shops are where little hopes and dreams come to life after starting as frozen deliciousness that we all love. Combining that with death, just seemed an odd parity.

Death themed ice cream shop.
The Ice Cream Shop Of Death in Franklinton, Ohio.

I fully expect this to be torn down as soon as the massive downtown expansion reaches this derelict area. Glad to have a photo of it before it goes.

Here is a link for more photos of Columbus, Ohio and Franklin County.

Getting Outside. Finding Things.

Getting Outside More

I read studies, but they don’t matter. It’s just a simple truth that people who work in offices should be outside more. The outdoors can shield you from sickness and depression. Probably helps in other ways too, but just those 2 are good enough reason to get out.

A recent excursion led me to this single pink combat boot in the river bed. I was looking for birds, specifically eagles known to be in the area. Some days, you get eagles, others single pink boots that only make you wonder what the story is.

One shoe. Pink combat boot.
Single pink combat boot in the river bed.


Day 79 365 Project

Pancakes on the ground.
I thought these were pancakes.

This was humorous until I figured out what they were. They looked like pancakes in a parking lot. I thought it was mildly humorous to see them like this on the ground.  I’ve been so out of ideas lately that I figured, what the hell, this might be all you come up with today.

I got them on the computer screen and realized that they were McDonalds hamburger buns that had soaked up rain. They were the size of pancakes and pretty much held their shape, form, and color. The tire tracks will give you some idea of how huge these things were.

What in the hell is in them that they can do this. Real bread would just dissolve into a mushy blob.

A side effect of always looking for photos is that you noticed these details in the things around you that would otherwise go unnoticed. The world can be a strange place.

Day 18 365 Project

Deer skull made into a hat rack.
It’s a hat rack. Get it?!

Today was a cold, miserable, and wet day. I took this photo of a deer skull being used as a hat rack because I found the “hat rack” idea hilarious and I was to lazy to go out in the weather searching for something more interesting. How many deer have to die just so rednecks have a hat rack? Murica!

It does bring up a gear topic that I don’t like to talk about. I hate cell phone cameras. I find the quality low and their controls nearly impossible. Their lens is usually smudged and low natural light without flash just is not happening.

With all of that against them, it doesn’t change the fact that others take incredible photos with them and I don’t. I want to change that. I need to practice to prove to myself that I too can create decent images within the high limitations of these cameras.