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Speeding Amish Buggy

Amish horse and buggy speeding by.
An Amish Buggy Speeding By

It was strange that I wasn’t even thinking about seeing Amish before I took this photo. I was riding the backroads on my motorcycle thinking about the good and bad of modern culture. I was thinking about how much better real life is than the virtual realities that we are presented with today.

I had stopped to photograph a covered bridge on Frampton Road off of State Route 586 near Martinsburg, Ohio. The light for that was horrible. As I was giving up and loading my camera into the motorcycle, I heard the hooves coming and turned just in time to catch this shot.

Work Horse Coming To Say Hello

Some folks have wishes, dreams, and demands for where they live.  From mountain tops to ocean fronts, their laundry list for the perfect place is diverse. For me, if I can get on my motorcycle, ride five minutes and be in the country with the deer, turkey, horses, and farms, good enough.

Today, I road 15 minutes and came upon these workhorses in a field. It was a beautiful sight. In general, workhorses are the most gentle lumbering beasts that love people.

Workhorse in a field.
Workhorse in a field in Central Ohio.