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Honey Run Waterfall Near Howard, Ohio.

Honey Run. Rained Out.

We took an evening motorcycle ride up to Honey Run. The plan was to video the falls, then hike. My wife’s phone blared out a storm warning and we had to leave early.

We dodged a serious hail and thunderstorm all the way home. That’s how it goes if you’re going to ride in April in Ohio. It made for an adventure, but the video could have been better. Still the best one to date. I’ll keep trying.

A Good Place To Start Goals

New Goal. The Old One Accomplished.

Last year’s goal was a success. I quit smoking. It was a difficult thing for me. Quitting only happened after numerous failures. Those failures taught me enough to understand what I was up against so that I could overcome the problem. Success is a great thing after a struggle.

This year I have another goal that starts here.

Blackhand Gorge Trail near Toboso, Ohio.
Blackhand Gorge Trail near Toboso, Ohio.

I’m starting this goal here on the trail at Blackhand Gorge. I learned from previous successes not to talk much about goals. Do them. Talking about them gives you a false sense of actually achieving them and gives you an early fail.

I won’t talk about them, but I’ll show the work in progress.

A Good And Cold Day For A Hike At Dawes Arboretum

Today was a windy and cold day which really isn’t all that bad if you’re going on a short hike at Dawes Arboretum. The place is usually crowded, but in the winter, it gets far fewer visitors. All that you hear on a winter day is the wind and the hawk’s screeching.

Dawes is an interesting place that is maintained by a trust from the Dawes Family. It’s a mix of nature and man’s interference. There are both areas of native plants in their natural setting and plants that are completely out of place, like a cypress swamp in Ohio.

Windmill on the snow covered trail at Dawes Arboretum
A windmill on the snow-covered trail at Dawes Arboretum near Newark, Ohio.
Snow covered bridge on a trail at Dawes Arboretum
Snow covered bridge on a trail at Dawes Arboretum.
Winter photo of Chinese Redwood trees at Dawes Arboretum.
Rare Chinese Redwood grove at Dawes Arboretum in the winter.
Rusted gears on old farm machinery.
Rusted gears on old farm machinery.
Hawk at Dawes Arboretum.
A hawk from very, very far away. To far for my camera really, but I still like to record the ones that I see.
Passenger jet in flight.
Jet in flight.

A friend told me a weight loss tip a while back, “At least once a week go somewhere for a long hike.”. It’s been paying off and more than in weight loss. It improves your mental well-being to get out in the fresh air. You see things that may not be important, but that are interesting. It’s a great relief from the usual. It wasn’t like he was telling me something I didn’t know, but the advice made me think to actually plan and do it.

Sunlight In The Woods

I took a lot of time to hike this year in an effort to improve my health and my photography. The exercise helps more than with the initial goal of the waistline. It helps make you happier in general. There’s something about seeing how nature works . When photographing it, you start looking closer and it makes me appreciate it more.

In this photo, it’s Fall and the sun is coming through the trees giving the forest floor light at Fanchion Park in Granville, Ohio. These trees are sparse because man planted them that way, but in a natural growth, it could be a naturally thinning of the trees.

Sunset in the woods shines light on tall plants on the forest floor.
Sunlight coming through to the forest floor allows tall plant growth.

This natural layer of plants on the forest floor over time will die and fertilize the ground. The thinner the trees, the higher the plants grow beneath them. The trees will drop seed and more saplings will start. The constant process will keep going. That’s how forests are formed.

Of course, that’s just a partial brief explanation. There are animals and all sorts of other living creatures that partake in the process. The closer you look at it, the more you see.

I’m finding it beneficial to keep hiking the same paths because I’ve started to learn where the light is going to be interesting for photography. Timing and location are important factors in capturing the changes of light and in a dimly lit forest, it’s even more important.

50 Degree December Day In Hocking Hills

What better to do with a 50 degree day in December than to head to Hocking Hills. Hocking Hills is exceptionally interesting in the winter, but it’s also difficult and dangerous due to ice. At 50 degrees, I thought it might be an easy chance at some winter shots of the area and for the exception of a few icy patches and large icicles dropping, it was fun.

Here are some of the photos from my hike.

Visitors peer into the Devil's Bathtub at Old Man's Cave State Park in Ohio.
Visitors Looking Into The Devil’s Bathtub At Old Man’s Cave State Park
Hocking Hills cliffs with icicles.
Icicles On Cliffs In The Hocking Hills
Icicle Melting In The Sunlight
 Devil's Bathtub At Old Man's Cave
Devil’s Bathtub At Old Man’s Cave
Stairs On the Old Man’s Cave Trails
Upper Falls At Old Man’s Cave State Park
Ice On Cliff Walls At Old Man’s Cave State Park