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Day 16 365 Project

Dark tunnel with snow.
Dark tunnel with snow. HDR of course.

I didn’t take a photo today. This is from a few days ago. Some days work simply fills up to much time, other days work actually helps me come up with ideas. On these days that ideas don’t happen, I’m going to use recent images and I’ll try to write a little more about the image.

This one, I probably should have thrown out, but I wanted to practice HDR and this photo was good for that. It’s not all that interesting, but if you try to take this photo without HDR, it would be impossible. Here, I’ve managed to get the look I had in my mind while I was stranding the there. I find it interesting, but lacking a subject.

HDR is extreme processing and many claim that it’s over-processing unless it’s done only to fix exposure problems and make it look like a regular photo. I strongly disagree as does many of the non-photographers. Photographers box themselves into the thinking that less post-processing is better and I find them very wrong. This photo while not that great, was nothing at all without heavy post processing.

All photos are processed. Every digital photo is put through a software process to produce an image. The “out-of-the-camera” look is nothing but the rendition of the photo that the camera manufacturer has decided upon with the software in the camera’s computer. It’s usually a very good rendition, but there is so much more that can be done.

When you shoot in RAW, you get the full and unprocessed version of the photo and all control of the output is in your control instead of the team that wrote the camera’s software. You may not like a photo of mine, but I’ve used my skills to produce the closest representation of what I saw when I took the photo. That is the “art” of post-processing that many do not understand.

HDR is just one of the many tools that can be used to balance the light, draw out colors and details, and change the textures to closer match exactly what a photographer had in mind. No generalized in-camera software can do that at the present time.