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Bright Government Idea

The Lighting Of The Tarp In Newark, Ohio.

Lights on the fountain Newark, Ohio.
The tarped fountain is elegantly lit.

History Of The Newark Tarp

The tarp is covering a $100,000 fountain. The fountain started running a few years back at the same time that the United States Government had shut down. The federal government had graciously endowed this fountain with $20,000 dollars of funding, but it could not manage to keep the World War 2 monument open for visitors among many other valid government operations during the same time period.

For this, I keep a healthy bit of contempt for this fountain. That slight contempt would go away of the local government would just fix this thing or admit defeat and demolish the eyesore.

I’ve named it Federal Fountain.

Let’s Keep The Lights On

I’m not sure why we maintain the lighting when it’s covered with a tarp. To prove that at least something on it works? An eternal flame type of situation for us to remember that glitch’s in government occur? An interesting valid reason only fountain maintenance workers would understand?

Whatever the answer is, I’ll be¬†awaiting the warmer weather where we can once again enjoy the untarped version of the Newark, Ohio federal grant funded fountain.

Why Isn’t The Tax Rate On Your Fuel Receipt?

I’m trying to get a photo every day. I wanted to mix it up a little and take a photo of something shocking, even if just a little bit. I stopped for gas, looked at my receipt, and there was my photo for the day. Just a gas receipt.

What could be interesting and shocking about that? Every other receipt has the tax paid listed, but fuel doesn’t. It’s the only purchase I can think of that doesn’t show it. It doesn’t even seem legal, but I’m sure it is as it was a major corporation I bought from.

I’m tired of complaining about these type of things without taking any action. It’s not like I can change this, but I’ve just become a fan of high mpg transportation. I’ll point this out everywhere I can too as it’s not only a problem with fuel, it’s a problem of dishonesty and misrepresentation of taxation.

gas receipt falsely shows no tax paid
$0 tax paid? I don’t think so.
As any person who is awake at all should do, I turned to Google to find some answers to the questions. The first find was just a man ranting about it like I am. Not a polished video, but it’s good to see I’m not the only one who has a problem with this. He is wrong about the tax going up with the price of fuel. It remains constant per gallon until raised by federal or state lawmakers.

Then, there’s this video that attempts to explain how Ohio’s fuel tax works, but leaves me with more questions than answers. It goes into explaining how our dollar has magically lost value, how the pleas to drive less and use less fuel has produced the problem, and although it explains all of the transactions involved, it fails to tell you about the tax paid every one of these steps before the gas hits your tank.

Out of all of this information though, I cannot find the answer as to why it’s allowed to be hidden. Here’s the breakdown just from the $.464 tax amount from this chart showing the combined federal and Ohio state taxes.

13.439 gallons times $.464 = $6.24 cents paid. I spent $48.10, so that’s a 12.97% taxes on gasoline. If it were diesel, it would be even more and commercial vehicles have a complex scheme that pays in an entirely different way. About 13% of my money is paid and they don’t want me to know I paid it. Why?

I could put up a lot of comparisons too. State tax is only 7% for goods, why is gas 6% higher?

If you have an answer, I’d love to hear it. I already understand that in theory, this money pays for the infrastructure. You’d think that would be an infrastructure paved with gold at this rate, but I understand that theory. I understand Liberals want me to pay even more tax, but drive less, then complain that I didn’t pay enough. I understand that Republicans don’t even want to talk about this tax because they enjoy the fruits of it in a quiet way. I know that it’s “only” about $325/year if I bought this amount every week. All that I want to know is how is it legal for them to hide it and why. If this is a good, fair, and just tax in any way, shouldn’t they want me to be well-informed about how much it is and where the money goes?