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Garage Time With Motorcycles

Garage Time With My Motorcycles

Honda coffee mug in the garage.
Coffee and motorcycles in the garage.

My motorcycles get ridden hard. So long as the weather allows, they’re used for work and fun. Motorcycles are different in their maintenance needs from a car. The parts are smaller, more expensive, and they wear quickly.

Tires might only last 10,000 miles and cost as much as a car tire. Chains wear out. Fluids need replaced. Axles get out of balance. Electrical switches are exposed to the elements and corrode. It’s not unreasonable to say that motorcycles are expensive and problematic machines.

To relieve the costs of maintaining the bikes, I keep learning more of the maintenance that needs done. I’m investing in more of the tools needed. ┬áThe more I work with them, the more I enjoy this aspect of motorcycling.