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The Beauty Of Flight

The weather has been damn cold. That’s usual for Ohio in January and I don’t expect much of a break until March. I’ve still been out looking for photos. ¬†Snow, cold, dim light, early evenings – it all changes the dynamics of what I usually do.

So I see this jet coming in low and slow on it’s approach to the airport in Columbus, Ohio. The snow is flying and I try the photo anyhow. It came out looking like a pencil sketch.

747 landing in the snow.
Canay Pacific Cargo 747 jet on it’s approach to CMH in the snow.

Watching it approach reminded me of a hawk I had photographed a few weeks ago that was seemingly suspended in mid-air as it waited to catch it’s prey.

Hawk preparing to strike prey.
Hawk stalling in mid-air to make a strike on prey.