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Fishing In The Fog

I’ve been fighting the urge to just stay out of the weather for a few weeks now. I’m just a bit bewildered by the cold we’ve been having at this point. It will be over in a few weeks now for the most part, but either I’m getting older and it effects me more or it’s just been a more brutal winter than usual.

It was a cold and foggy day back when winter started and this fisherman was still out doing what he loved and I bet he would tell you that the fishing is better in bad weather. The most enthusiastic fishermen will always make that claim.

Fishing on the Susquehanna River in Maryland.
Fishing in the fog on the Susquehanna River in Maryland.

The Power Of Water

One of Ohio’s largest assets is water. It’s a draw for agriculture, industry, and people. No matter how much tech we get, water is the secret source of wealth in any society. Don’t believe me? Look at a map of where the wealth is and you’ll see where the water is.

Ohio’s wealth is fresh water, much more valuable than salt water. You don’t necessarily see fresh water in the same way that you do the oceans. Ohio’s ocean is for the most part, underground. ¬†We do get to see it in small rivers all over the state though.

I don’t get on my environmental band wagons. It’s so easy to see through the hypocrisy and ignorance of the leaders like Al Gore and friends. Ohio’s water though, it’s different. It’s not difficult to treat it with care. It’s so plentiful that simply being a mindful steward of it will keep it in check.

Here’s a photo of my hometown’s water supply flowing down from the north. It wasn’t that long ago that enforcement was finally placed on the towns north of us to stop dumping sewage into it.

The Licking River in Newark, Ohio
The Licking River In Newark, Ohio

The true measure of health in the river is really easy to know. All you need to ask is, “Are there fish in it?”.

Fishing in the Licking River in Newark, Ohio
Fishing in the Licking River in Newark, Ohio.