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Red Green Would Be Proud Of This Duct Tape Truck

The Duct Tape Truck

I was at a gas station when this beat-up truck came in. I have to wonder what in the hell they did to this poor truck. Even more interesting is the duct tape. This repair work would make Red Green proud.

Duct tape covered truck.
Truck held together with duct tape.

Anything glass or plastic seems held on by duct tape. Even the rear window is just two pieces of plexiglass held together with duct tape.

It is admirable that the owners figured out a way to get continued use after whatever disaster struck this pickup-truck. They’re also cleaning it when I took this photo, so keeping the interior tidy is still a important, despite the demise of the exterior.

The military often refers to duct tape as 100 mile-per-hour tape. This truck will probably find out if that rating is correct.