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One of the joys of photography is that you notice the world around you in a different way. You see details you never noticed before. You anticipate things happening before they do. This week, I came up with a few photos of things I noticed converging.

The first I found humor in.

Factory smoke makes a clock appear to be on fire.
Burning time.

The factory smoke about a 1/2 mile away makes the clock appear to be smoking. Photos like this are one of the reasons I carry a superzoom camera. Cameras like the Canon SX50 are a budget solution for massive and expensive telephoto lenses for my DSLR.

The next is the convergence of transportation and communication.

Trucks, cars, rail, airplanes, cell phones, and telephones converge.
Transportation and communication converge.

Foot tracks, rail tracks, trucks, cars, aging telephone poles, a cell phone tower, and a jet’s contrail cloud converge into one busy photographic scene.

The easy winter weather we were having in Ohio turned very cold this week. That cold made me slow down a little as I went out looking for scenes like these.