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Fake Mud Stained Jeans. Fake News.

I seen a story on fake mud stained jeans. I have no proof, other than it’s obvious bullshit. I won’t post a link to it because the link will soon be dead if not just links to horrific pop-up ads. These links are to major “news” sites too, but their ad systems are works than the year 2000.

The story goes something like this.  An exclusive retail chain is selling mud stained jeans for $400. (That part is probably true). The part they fail to discuss is the sales of them are probably next to nothing. There are articles about these articles too. “The wealthy are trying to look like they work”. It’s just divisive bullshit.

This article will run it’s course and people will probably buy enough for some money to be made. The real money is to made from the stories and advertisements from something so ridiculous.

Our media is so full of this type of thing if they are writing anything trustworthy of value, I can’t find it.

Chemtrail Or Contrail?

Chemtrail Or Contrail? Irrelevant.

Forgive me if you landed here looking for information on chemtrails or contrails. I don’t know much about the subject. I only know enough to understand how little I know. There are numerous websites to help you learn more about this debate.

Chemtrails or contrails over Newark, Ohio.
Typical skies with contrails over Newark, Ohio.

When I went to learn more about this debate, I discovered information about weather and aeronautics that I never would have learned without my curiosity.

Alarming Discovery

I poured over material covering both sides of the debate. There was evidence beyond my comprehension on the subject. A person would have to be an expert in atmospheric science, aircraft propulsion technologies, weather, and science to make a validated conclusion. My education and experience limits me to parroting whatever side appeals most to me. That’s not worth reading.

My discovery was something completely unrelated. It is forbidden in most social circles to question matters like this. Blue skies can be greyed out quickly simply by overflying aircraft exhaust and that is not a matter to be questioned. It can look like a game of tic-tac-toe is being played in the sky, but you’re a heretic if you notice.

People become very agitated when any evidence that falls outside of their selected realm of inputs is offered. In the case of chemtrails, anything outside of airplanes creating ice crystals in their exhaust is completely unacceptable.

My Conclusion. Chemtrails Are Minor In Relation To Intolerance Of Curiosity

Whatever is going on in our skies, my opinions and scope of knowledge would prove inconclusive. My opinion/guess is that it’s simply pollution from aircraft that are being given navigational coordinates based on grids. My opinion of chemtrails isn’t that important though.

The fact that I’ve found is that there is a growing intolerance to curiosity. If you’re a curious type, ignore it! Question everything even more.

The Mothman Returns

The Mothman Returns. Caught On Video. CLICK HERE !

Point Pleasant, WV Mothman
Mothman statue in Point Pleasant, WV.

I heard about the Mothman when I was young. We had family friends who raised a boy who had parents that died in the Silver Bridge collapse. He told me about it. He believed. At least he said he did as he and the older kids all waited for my expression when he told me that standing next to the Ohio River at night.

I believed it back then, but sorry to say, now I have to see to believe. It is an interesting story though. So many witnesses that you have to wonder what they did see.