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Trying To Exit Some Social Media

Exiting Social Media Is Difficult

I’ve tried this before, exiting social media. It’s a tough decision. The ability to communicate with the world was tossed out to the general public with no real instruction manual. The result has been a wreckage of information for the wealthy to mine to their benefit.

Exit sign at the bottom of the stairs.
Exit sign at the bottom of the stairs.

The wealthy only pretend to do social media. They pay people to instruct them on what to say and do to promote their agendas and their personas. The rest of us are left to our own devices to figure this out.

I’m starting to learn that less is far more with social media. You are giving away data points and information about yourself without even realizing. What you find humorous is informative. Where you visit, who you like, who you dislike, etc. All of this can be analyzed and used to your detriment.

Another aspect to this is that you are giving away valuable insights for free. A wealthy person made the comment that he used YouTube to gather feedback and data that would have cost him dearly many years ago. All that he had to do know is do a video designed to get a reaction and the information came to him for free.

I do like the social interaction. I’m going to experiment with posting on digital properties that I own. These are my websites. I’m going to start trying to get the discipline to put in the work to make a post. No more just sharing what others post or other simple methods. I’m going to try to post my own creations in an attempt to improve my interactions with others and to force the social media companies to share my personal websites if they want me to add value to their websites.

I’m curious as to what the results of this will be.

Facebook Angst

I hate Facebook, but it’s a popular communication tool. I’m stuck with it.

So I wanted to clean it up. I removed:

  • People that I rarely talk to.
  • People I suspect of only watching for things to use against me.
  • People who post what I would consider to be abhorrent content.
  • People that I don’t know or know well enough.
  • People who’s linkage to me on Facebook proves to be no benefit to either of us.

That covers most of them that I removed. The bad part is that some of those people will think I don’t like them. That may be very true in some cases, not at all in others.

I know that I could just hide posts and they wouldn’t know I didn’t care to see them, but in some cases, that leaves me with an association to people that I just don’t want.

Most of what I post that’s worth reading is on markspearman.com anyhow. Anyone who ever really wants to contact me can do it there without the entire world giving our communication a look and a nod(or not).

Notice I said Facebook was a popular communication tool, not a good one. I hate the way it works. It’s a hassle.