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Anti-Heroin Signs Are Growing

Anti-Heroin Sign
Anti-Heroin sign on a pickup in Central Ohio.

Not In My Backyard

Growing up, hard drugs were primarily big city city problems. Now, the Heroin epidemic is so bad in Ohio that signs of outrage are starting to pop up everywhere.

Why Here?

I have many unanswered questions and so do many. I don’t go to the usual sources. I do not believe the major media outlets know or care to tell us.

I will not even state what I believe because I don’t have physical proof. If I did, I would have nowhere to take that proof. I will say that I find it implausible that I could do a little digging to find answers, but law enforcement agencies cannot. The heroin trade is highly profitable due to the highly addictive nature of the drug and the distributors are not criminal masterminds.

I’ve know people who report a drug problem in their neighborhood and when they question the police as to why nothing is done, they claim that a solid case needs to build and that takes time. That’s a broken legal system and people are growing weary of it’s encumbrances.

Go ask the people on the treatment side of the problem – professional and volunteer.


Ohio’s Weather Is An Exercise In Being Prepared

Wild Winter Weather Variations In Newark, Ohio

The warm temps went into the 70’s this week. I’m not a perfectionists and reports varied, but I seen thermometers hit into the 70’s. That’s incredibly warm for Central Ohio in February.

The motorcycles came out of my garage. The warm weather made for comfortable walks. It was such a nice reprieve from our usual brutal February weather.

Global warming/cooling/changing alarmists went into panic mode and forgot to look up previous record temps. Research quickly revealed 6o degree temps in Cleveland in 1981. It is rare, but not as rare as we are led to believe.

Advertising pointing to a barbershop.
Incredibly simple advertising for a back alley barbershop.

This photo is from  a warm February night stroll in Newark, Ohio.  The painted ad on a wall is as simple as it gets. The barbershop it points to has been back there for a long time according to my memory. Simplicity works.

When it comes to Ohio weather the most simplistic answer to, “What should I wear?”, is to use layers and be ready for anything. Some my find the constant changes discouraging, but it’s undeniably interesting.


Shining Some Light On History

I can understand where genealogy research can bore some people. If you catch the bug though, I highly recommend following through with the project. My research led to many ancestors being buried in this simple church yard in Condit, Ohio.

Mount Pleasant Church
Mount Pleasant Church in Condit, Ohio.

This was the church of my ancestors and many of them are buried here. All of their farms were nearby.

According to the historical records of these folks, the new revisionists version of history missed them somehow. Not much white privilege were they bestowed. The were simple farmers and a few found their way to the battlefields according to the tombstones.

This is why I find genealogy to be important. When you see the records and get to know your real history, you see the lies their selling you today.