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Thoughts On The Rideshare Business After 1 Month

Rideshare Business Thoughts: Month 1

The rideshare business is so new that a new world was created. A year ago “rideshare” did not exist in my vocabulary. I would be deceptive if I spoke with authority on the rideshare business model after my 1st month in it. This post is just about my thoughts and perspectives of the business from the first month.

I use photographs I take throughout the day to put perspective on life. It’s a strange way to think, but in a hectic world, it’s a way to grab fleeting thoughts and contemplate what is happening around me.

These photos guide me though these blog posts and I hope they add clarity for the reader. I hope they and more than the usual rideshare promotional posts that say “SIGN UP AND USE MY CODE”. 🙂

Coffee. It’s important.

Coffee vibrating from engine running.
Coffee with pattern caused by a running engine.

If you’re leaving the comfort of a salary or steady hourly job to pursue your own endeavors, sacrifices will be made. Choose your vice. Keeping an affordable luxury or comfort is not a bad idea. I’ve given up drinking and smoking, so expensive coffee isn’t that bad. It adds clarity to the day, it’s enjoyable, and it’s not that expensive.

It doesn’t have to be coffee, but pick your vice if you need one.

You Are NOT A Partner

Delta Jet Flying
Delta Jet Taking Off

Rideshare companies provide a business platform for drivers to operate with. Drivers must meet the requirements, abide by the platform rules, and pay fees to utilize the platform. The rideshare company or the driver can terminate the business relationship at any time. You are not a partner.

This is important to remember because it changes the way you operate. The rideshare companies use all sorts of Jedi mind tricks to get you to think that you’re partners, but there is no partnership agreement whatsoever. You are no more a partner with the rideshare company than you are a partner with the airport. Both are important to your business, but the partnership idea is a fallacy.

Rideshare companies provide a service and you are buying that service from them. Run your business accordingly. Your customers are the passengers.

Coyotes And Business

Coyote In Airfield
Coyote Hunting At The Airport

Many think of the roadrunner cartoons when coyotes are mentioned. The cartoon was very false though. Coyotes would not try for the same prey over and over while failing at every attempt. They are highly adaptable. They can group up and take down a bison or survive alone by eating rodents and insects.

What does this have to do with business? I watched the coyote in the field at the airport and noticed him surviving just fine in frigid temperatures. He blended in well with the field and most didn’t even notice him. That type of toughness, tenacity, intelligence, and adaptability is what a person needs to survive in rideshare and many other new businesses that are being created with new technology.

Of course, we’re not killing anything. We’re just giving people rides for a fee. The parallel I’m drawing is how we act and think to create a profit in a world where the environment we operate is constantly changing and out of our control.

Conclusion Of These Thoughts

These thoughts are a bit dramatic. All that I’m really doing is giving people a ride for a small fee. Turning that into a profitable business though is a bit more dramatic.

For part-time, small-scale operation, ridesharing is currently a great venture. For a full-time endeavor, it takes more. How you use the platforms provided are up to you, but it will take more than just using a rideshare platform and following the rideshare company lead to produce a sizable income.

On a personal level, I’m excited to have a business that allows me to be outside and make my own decisions. The business mindset is developing quickly in order to produce profits.

Back Alley Body Shop

Restoration In Progress At An Old Body Shop

Old car at an old body shop.
Antique Car At An Old Body Shop

Some great car restoration projects come out of these old back alley bodyshops. The mess is many times the sign of a genius at work.

Shops like these are fewer and fewer. I hope they make a return. There’s something inspiring about people that can learn a trade and turn that into a business in a garage. It’s rare these days.