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Fulton County, Ohio Added To the Ohio Photography Project

Fulton County, Ohio Added To Project

Fulton County, Ohio is now added to my Ohio Photography Project.

This was the first county in the project that I did on my Honda Goldwing.  Another milestone in this very long project of photographing the 88 Ohio counties.

For me, the Northwest Ohio counties are difficult. I am finding nuances though. For example, the historic buildings and downtowns are abundant in these counties.

I hope you visit the links and enjoy the photos.

Good Example Of Non-Conformity Working With Eric Kim

Eric Kim’s Blogging Strategy Worked

CJ Chilvers took note that popular street photographer and blogger, Erik Kim, deleted his Instagram account.

I got a chuckle out of it. I have all but given up on anything except blogging long ago. For the exception of the occasional Facebook post, it’s all blogging for me. Anyone who listens to me knows, if you want abrasive bullshit from me, go to Facebook. If you care to see what I’m up to personally, go to my blog.

I have always been of the mindset that there is no reason to give your content to poor platforms that you do not own. All of your efforts can disappear at the platform owner’s convenience. The platform owners delete at will too!

In my opinion, Mr. Kim rambles on and repeats himself a bit much for my liking. It works for him though. He is also another good source of inspiration for his constant insistence to buy books not gear. He’s well read on the subjects involving street photography too.

Regardless of opinions, Eric Kim worked hard and it’s paying off. He’s become influential in the realm of photography. Simple lesson.

Great Post About Independent Blogging

Facebook is a horrible platform for a photographer, writer, or a thinker. I like to claim I’m these things. Back to independent blogging for me.

Here a post about independent blogging from CJ Chivers.  I found the links he provides to be good reads on the topic too.

For me, Facebook has it’s uses, but there is just so much waste on there. I waste time posting stuff I didn’t create and so do others. Then we make comments that spur debates. Nobody cares. They’re just wasted time.

With a blog, I can easily go back and refine what I’ve written. I take more ownership in what I post, not just liking and sharing memes to a timeline. I can ignore comments that are useless and expand on the useful. There is just so much more that can be done – even if nobody reads it but me. The thing is, when it is read, there will be something of better quality for the reader.

I’ve tried to give up Facebook before and it didn’t work. It’s kind of ingrained into our social lives now. I can limit it and own more of my own work.