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Day 15 365 Project

Triangle Bar sign in Newark, Ohio.
Antique sign for the Triangle Bar in Newark, Ohio

Tonight was a fun night. See the guy poking his head around the corner? He had a problem with me taking a photo of the sign and wanted to argue about it. I left when he told me to wait right there because he’d be back. LOL.

Street photography intrigues me because of this idea. There’s no law against taking photos in the street. It’s 100% legal, but maybe not safe. What’s fun that’s safe anyhow?

Day 7 365 Project

Neighborhood bar on a winter night.
Beer, liquor, and food on a cold January night.

This project has me posting photos I wouldn’t usually post. I was looking for something with a cold feel to it and this is what I came up with. Just an old dirty bar with the “Beer, Liquor, Food” sign.

I’m trying to get better at night photography. It’s not a good fit for me as I refuse to carry a tripod. There are techniques that can be used where there is some light. Tonight I manually focuses and rapid fired a bunch of shots. The idea with that is that you will not move the lens on at least one of the many shots.