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Rural Winter Beauty

This photo is one of my top favorites for the Winter of 2016.

Old barn leaning from weather and age.
An old barn leaning from age and weather at a Knox County, Ohio farm.

I’ve spotted it while driving by many times before, but the snow and the evening sky made it perfect. I had my wife watch for traffic coming behind us, grabbed the camera and shot  out the drivers window.

It was exciting to see the capture come to life as I opened it in Photoshop and began to manipulate it into what my mind seen.

Time Takes It’s Toll

It’s strange how an old barn falling apart in the middle of the country doesn’t have the same eyesore effect that a building in the city does. In the country, it just seems like a natural, inevitable process.  All around this old barn McMansions are springing up and large commercial farms are still operating in full swing. This old relic is just a good place for vultures to roost now.

Old decaying barn.
Old barn rots away.

Old decaying barn

Pulley for hay bales on an old barn.
Pulley for hay bales on an old barn.