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Star Trek Art Cars And Other Thoughts

This Star Trek Art Car Made Me Think

I know people will take my thoughts on this the wrong way, but take it from the positive tone please. I like art and I like cars. Some art and and some cars I like better than others, but’s it’s rarely a bad thing to combine the 2. I smiled when I seen this space toy themed art on a VW van.

VW Van with space toy themed art.
Space Toy Themed Art Car

The controversial part of my thoughts on this are that it was parked in the most Liberal section of a Liberal area in Columbus, Ohio; The Short North. The crowd that make this type of art in this area whine and bitch about how there is never enough for their causes, yet find time and resources to glue toys all over a van.

In my opinion, a world with enough time to glue toys all over a van, really isn’t that oppressed.

Challenges Of Night Photography.

Lights And Shadow At Night

A lit doorway at night.
A lit doorway at night.

Finding different subjects with light and shadow at night is a challenge of night photography. Choices are limited by what is illuminated. The shadows accent the subjects with whatever angle the light is cast. Natural light takes on far less importance. Artificial light that’s out of the photographer’s control takes prominence.

There is no “correct” exposure at night. The only correct exposure is whatever the photographer chooses. Auto settings rarely give desired results. This is where the elusive terminology for “art” comes into photography.

It’s been a large learning curve. I spend many nights out trying to learn. There are some great tips that help, but practice has proved to be the most fruitful learning too. Second to that are good books like Night Photography: Finding Your Way In The Dark. There are some tips on the net, but they are lacking.

Color In Night Photography

Black and white was my preference, but I’m learning to like color more in night photos. Color is an added element to the night composition and it increase the complexity.

Just as sometimes the full photo does not need proper exposure, it’s ok to reduce or ad color where required in night photos too. I reduce saturation here and there.

Night Photography Subjects

The mundane becomes more interesting in different light. Still, finding more interesting is a challenge in my area. The people leave our downtown. I have to capitalize on the still and quiet of the night rather than the large city nightlife excitement.