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Granville, Ohio In Snow

Tonight I went for a little ride during a “level 1 snow emergency”. Yes, that’s what they call it when you can still drive without problems, very few accidents on the road, and only spotty power outages. I’m not sure how the fit “emergency” into that equation, but I do know it drives milk and bread sales.

To me, a level 1 snow emergency meant to grab my camera. It was so beautiful out.

This photo is of the historic Granville Inn.

The Granville Inn.
The historic Granville Inn.

I’m not a medical person by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to wonder if they may be misdiagnosing Seasonal Affective Disorder to some degree. From my observations, depression and anxiety greatly increases in people around me with the bullshit calls to weather alerts that are nothing to be alarmed about. They provide no reassurance that very few people will die from a few inches of snow and that if you take the time to venture out into it, you’ll experience a beautiful world that you haven’t seen for quite a few months.

Knox County, Ohio Spring House Remains

I admit, I’m to young to know what this was. I had to post it to Facebook to find out from older people that this was a spring house.

Spring house in Knox County, Ohio.
Spring house on Sycamore Road in southern Knox County, Ohio.

They were very important buildings on farms before electricity and other methods of refrigeration came into use.  The idea was so simple; Use the cool air rising from a spring to cool a building.

Some were made of wood, but the moist air would rot them quickly. Many times wood was used temporarily until enough fieldstone could be gathered to make one out of stone.

Why this one survives when I have never seen another, I don’t know. Here is a better explanation of spring houses if you’re interested.

Day 84 365 Project

Abandoned house on Buena Vista Street in Newark, Ohio.
Interesting abandoned house on Buena Vista Street in Newark, Ohio.

I’ve always found this house interesting when passing it. There are always very large boats on the property. Now it’s abandoned and the mystery of the place continues with tarps draped over it.

I didn’t want to trespass so I only took a street view of the house.

Day 75 365 Project – Thornville Pharmacy

Thornville, Ohio Downtown

Thornville Pharmacy In Thornville, Ohio.
The Thornville Pharmacy

Today was the first day of the year in Ohio that you could walk around comfortably without a coat. I took the chance to take a motorcycle ride after work. That ride led me through Thornville, Ohio.

The town is so old that it’s starting to look really bad. The petina on this old copper building did add some character to the town though.