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The Beauty Of Flight

The weather has been damn cold. That’s usual for Ohio in January and I don’t expect much of a break until March. I’ve still been out looking for photos. ¬†Snow, cold, dim light, early evenings – it all changes the dynamics of what I usually do.

So I see this jet coming in low and slow on it’s approach to the airport in Columbus, Ohio. The snow is flying and I try the photo anyhow. It came out looking like a pencil sketch.

747 landing in the snow.
Canay Pacific Cargo 747 jet on it’s approach to CMH in the snow.

Watching it approach reminded me of a hawk I had photographed a few weeks ago that was seemingly suspended in mid-air as it waited to catch it’s prey.

Hawk preparing to strike prey.
Hawk stalling in mid-air to make a strike on prey.


The Patriotic Stunt Plane

If there is one hobby that I’m really jealous that I can’t afford to participate in, it’s aviation. I’ve had friends do it and it’s just too big of money pit with too much risk. I’m not talking about the risk of crashing either. I’m talking about the risk of losing your ability to participate after you’ve invested a huge amount of money. One physical problem, a job loss where you can’t afford flying time for a while, or numerous other possibilities can cause a pilot to lose quite a bit of ground.

I do admire those that forget about all of that and get on with flying anyhow. Those who do it have to possess an enormous amount of love for the sport. This plane was quite a sight to see on the ground and in the air.

Stunt plane with American flag paint scheme.
Stunt plane with a patriotic paint job.
Patriotic stunt plane in flight.
Patriotic stunt plane in flight.

CANADAIR CL-600-2B16 At Knox County Ohio Airport

I still look in awe when I see aircraft like this Canadair CL-600-2B16 landing in the airport in the middle of the cornfields in Knox County, Ohio. It makes me wonder who has this much money and with enough interest in Knox County to fly into this little airport. This plane had just arrived from Washington D.C.

Canadiar CL-600-2B16 At Knox County, Ohio Airport